The Triple Tragedy of Meat-Eating. 2 of 7 (Environment)

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  1. Sriram R says:

    by coastal environment, i mean an environment in which a coast is a significant part to it.
    Where does a coastal environment start and finish?

  2. hoteisbelly says:

    Great! Loved it.

  3. 1zenAwhile says:

    I’m glad that you mentioned an alternative for those of us not willing to totally climb on board the vegetarian train:

    Eat less meat.

    I’m not strict about this, but I tend to eat poultry and fish much more often than I eat mammals. And I only have poultry or fish about twice a week.

    It is natural for animals to prey upon each other. But the industrial scale at which we do it using agriculture is unnatural and unhealthy.

  4. profquesada says:

    Hi 1zen,
    Thank you for watching and for your concern with these issues.

    Yes, a softer approach seems more realistic.

    But in answer to the naturalistic response – this comes up a lot, and is not very helpful, as much of what is considered natural is reprehensible and avoidable – like rape and genocide – if only we would tap into our potential as compassionate beings. Also, those who prey have no altenatives, the way we do.
    We fortunately have healthy alternatives!

    With a smile,

  5. 1zenAwhile says:

    There’s an Alan Watts video here on YouTube called “A Conversation With Myself” in which he ponders the differences in the ways of man compared to the ways of nature.

    I’m stuck!

    On one hand, the ways of nature are a poor guide for morality. But on the other hand, the ways of man compound every problem we attempt to solve.

    Maybe the ways of nature are kinder for the homeostasis of the biosphere, despite the cruelty inflicted on individuals?

  6. profquesada says:

    Hi Zen,
    I appreciate your thoughtful, friendly questions. As you may know by my other videos, I’m a big fan of Alan Watts.

    When you suggest that perhaps our ways compound every problem we attempt to solve, I would agree, and go further, by tracing the reason to what Buddhists call -The Three Poisons, which are, Greed, Anger, and Ignorance. It seems that until we conquer these characteristics within ourselves, it’s true, we will ruin everything we touch!

  7. 1c3d34rth says:

    Albeit the sole purpose of vegetarianism posing a positive influence toward society I, a vegan, do not believe that merely refusing to partake in the consumption of flesh results entirely at the “finish point” of compassion. Ultimately we, as a global “market”, must acknowledge the unhealthy relation between that of an animal’s right to be recognised as a sentient being. Upon society finally waking to the fact that a sentient being is not, by law, a resource, will then result in success.

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