1. I find it hypocritical. Anyone who really did care about the environment would be too disgusted by the very being of the only species that pollutes the environment (Humans) to think that they are somehow high and mighty enough to have the right to take the lives of much nicer beings who are actually useful to the environment, like bugs.

  2. hoteisbelly says:

    Nice videos! It’s so important that word gets out! Peace:)

  3. profquesada says:

    Peace to you, Hotei!

  4. i guess you re passionate about this subject you went out of your way to make thi video–your name shows spanish origin and your looks show meditteranaean or even indian prigins-are you jewish?

  5. profquesada says:

    You’re good! I married into a Spanish name, and am indeed of mixed mediterranean descent, including Jewish lines. Thanks for watching!

  6. rockvanisher says:

    wow, my turtle is vegetarian

  7. This is how professors should be. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and try to open people eyes about meat consumption.

    i wish you well

  8. powerofpain1 says:

    Thank you for your words.

    You passion to teach is your calling. I hope you feel same.

    It took me years but eastern phil is wonderful as I learn about me each day.

  9. you are beautiful………physique wise, thinking wise and heart wise………….

    and yaa nice to see some vegetarian people from western world……….!!!!!!!

    its very common in India, but not tht common in anywhr else in the world………very surprising fact for me but its truth !!!

  10. tezamysticangel says:

    you are such a gift to this world! beautiful mind and beautiful self!

  11. hogslegtuber says:

    Thank you. We will change our human face 🙂

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