1. What are your thoughts about the product, as well as the business franchise? Everthing I’ve seen seems to scream pyramid scam, especially based on the distributership marketing plan. Yet, the product does seem to have potential.

  2. Someone once described me as Mona Lisa and I have not been able to figure out what they meant by it. Any ideas? They called me Mona Lisa Rachel.

  3. peterbourgon says:

    chocolate in it’s raw state is also a superfood until it is processed to death. once commemcial companies get a hold of it it will be as chocolate.

  4. BillGoulddAGMS says:

    This is a scam! I should know. My name is Bill Gouldd I was convicted of operating an MLM pyramid scheme, which resulted in FTC closing Equinox, a pyramid scheme I founded. I am no longer involved in defrauding people. I just want to do the right thing. This is a scam like Equinox.

  5. Thank you for this video, It’s the best explanation on MonaVie product and history. So far the best video on youtube regarding the product, I love the product I use it everyday and I feel much better and healthier now, Thanx to MonaVie.

  6. lizzycat1979 says:

    what a crock of s**t !

  7. lockman61 says:

    have you actually tried it ? works different on different people.

  8. the juice really does work,and for those who haven’t tried it why not what are you afraid of ,getting healthy?

  9. parrman100 says:

    this juice really does work you get healthy and make money its a no brainer.

  10. parrman100 says:

    you obviously havent tried it then

  11. bizminded32 says:

    I dranked the juice and I was able to out wrestle a bear!

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