The Story of Izabelle Louise Lyndsey Evans

25 Responses to The Story of Izabelle Louise Lyndsey Evans

  1. leveliv4 says:


  2. derbygirl85 says:

    ur an idiot jason im guessing u dnt have kids either

  3. xkathy07x says:

    what the hell

  4. shibbystew says:

    I have a daughter with septo optic dysplasia too. She is 14 months. We had the same exact issues in the hospital. I just wanted to wish you the best of luck and good wishes.

  5. mskerripa says:

    aww what a beautiful story
    what a beautiful little baby
    this made me cry

  6. vizeymgr says:

    nice one ..haha ..can yu c my salty video and comment it and rate it plz

  7. AmericanIdolQueen84 says:

    I dont know you hollie but you have a beautiful family and I would love to be your friend..if you will let me. Ignore the rude and ugly comments people make I dont get why they do it but personaly your story touched me and I hope you keep me updated on your daughter’s progress. I suscribed to your videos. God Bless, Amanda

  8. XDinexitaXD says:

    soo cute… i’m soo happy because you are alive and well… xoxo

  9. holliemchugh says:

    hi there,
    i made it useing windows media player. it was already on mu pc when i got it and think u can also download it free from google or something.

  10. MileyURock says:

    i have to have injections for growth hormone everyday because i am really short and my body isn’t making enough growth hormone.

  11. pixie1310 says:

    Awe….That’s so sad that she’ll never see:(

  12. hurricanewinzz says:

    summed up you are blind

  13. craalm13 says:


  14. craalm13 says:

    Yeah, me too!

  15. craalm13 says:


  16. craalm13 says:

    i do too!!

  17. craalm13 says:

    I have that too.

  18. stukaville says:

    im glad your daughter makes you so happy, and that shes knows she is loved. I hope that one day, ethical stem cell research will give her something we all take for granted, sight.

  19. craalm13 says:

    wow, sorry! At first it didnt put mi comment up, so i tried and tried again! I didnt mean it to come up 5 times! lolz, soz!

  20. craalm13 says:

    sorry, i didnt mean to post that so many times! It just didnt show the first time so i did it again and again etc!

  21. holliemchugh says:

    lol no worries xxx

  22. leticiaaandrade says:

    sorry, didn’t mean to mark it down, it was a mistake! God bless you both!

  23. angelkitty02 says:

    Your video touched made me cry! I really hope your daughter is doing well! God bless her!

  24. bradleyclarke says:

    what a emmotional video but a gorgeous little girl will try to raise as much possible in walk to gunwarf xxxx

  25. lennic95 says:

    What a cute girl!!

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