There are two important types of diabetes: type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The last is more common than the diabetes type 1, which is mostly found in younger persons. The second diabetes type develops mostly in people that are over 40 years old. Because it develops this late in ones life, this kind of diabetes is also known as “adult diabetes”. The typical person that suffers from diabetes type 2 is overweight, but there are always exceptions. The symptoms in this type of diabetes are more gradual than in the other kind of diabetes. There is also another big difference between these two diabetes type: the type 2 diabetes is caracterized by resistance to insulin, rather than the absence of it in the case of type 1 diabetes. This disease is mostly hereditary in almost all patients. What happens in the case of diabetes type 2 is that the body produces insulin, but the cells do not respond to it. As a result, the patient has a higher glucose level in his/ her blood.

This type 2 of diabetes is the most common one. This also have a bigger tendency of being hereditary than the first. Results have shown that one of three children with a least one parent that has diabetes will develop type 2 diabetes as well. Obesity is also another factor in developing diabetes.

There are many causes for diabetes, which means that are many reasons why a person can develop diabetes type 2. The most common of all the factors that cause diabetes is genetics. Almost a half of the people who suffer from diabetes type 2 are brothers and sisters and one in three children of the same family will eventually suffer from diabetes. The second strongest cause of developing diabetes is obesity. That and an intake of many calories are the second and third of the diabetes causes. Almost a third of all people that suffer from diabetes type 2 have antibodies to the islet cells, which produce insulin. These cells so vital in diabetes can be detected in the blood. If the islet cells do not work properly, your body will not get enough insulin. As a result you will be more than likely to suffer from diabetes. Studies have shown that such people will respond much sooner to oral medication than other people who suffer from diabetes. However, people who are like that

and have diabetes will probably need insulin at one moment in their life in order to treat diabetes.

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