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  1. toosweetneversour says:

    Ernofcgrunn thats gay, stds is your own fault, diabetes is genetic its not my fault

  2. crazyblue202 says:

    what the heck? he’s talking about type two! which IS curable. those of us with type one don’t get a cure. yet.

  3. 1HappyDiabetic says:

    Awesome… I should team up this Doc… Love it

  4. fathead2267 says:

    We need more of this. Finally, a positive, educational message using rap that is not corny!

  5. DiabetesGirl3145 says:

    he should really specify type 2 diabetes.

  6. cold211em says:

    still rapping since jhs 67 .he used to call himself murder 1.i chill in the ville on 234th.2gifted,3rd degree the crew.go john !plus hes a good barber.-ya boy deadhead dee

  7. imustprovide300 says:

    SHUT UP! Loser!! we know your not black, Moron. Gush!!! you really are going to waste all your time pretending. your’e such a tarkey dog;

  8. cold211em says:

    fuck you and will smith.i know the nigga from junior high bitch.i must provide 300 dicks for your mouth .

  9. imustprovide300 says:

    Why are thinking about 300 cocks?. Ever since you were you were young i knew were going to grow to be a homo.

  10. JohnnySoprano87 says:

    Rofl that’s awesome! He’s got better lyrics than little wayne 🙂

  11. TalibAjene says:

    That’s hot!!! That’s what we need more of. Nice beat though!

  12. RoniTheKillah says:

    I wouldn’t give a shit about diabetes. Now that he does something different, I’ll listen.

  13. ajlepisto says:

    Who cares how it’s spread – the concept is to get the message. The rap got him all over TV, so it’s obviously working.

  14. Smart and clever.. I like it!

  15. inffiniofficiel says:

    IL déchire ce mec !


    he should rap as a profession, haha.

  17. crackerXbutter says:

    haha i love it he’s really good i wanna get a mix tape from him

  18. getchatissuesready says:

    That fool claims east, it’s all about that west, watch yo back

  19. thenapoleoncomplex says:

    For those who don’t know, this is hip hop. You take a concept, you apply it to a beat. Get it doc, I’m wit it doc.

  20. darealezewriter says:

    Rule 3 – never try to pile ya plate….lmao

  21. hahaha this guy is so coolL!!!

  22. jstatum44 says:

    Dr. Clarke is ILL!

  23. MADM0NEYMARK says:

    dr clarke i love you

  24. king198777 says:

    fail. fuc outta here