1. Roflcopter says:

    I have a cholesterol check coming up in 2 and a half weeks, and I know for a fact my cholesterol is very high. Is there a way I could significantly lower my cholesterol in 2 and a half weeks?
    Thanks sooo much.

  2. I’m planning to buy a cholesterol home tester specifically the CardioChek Portable Blood Test System
    just tho check how a am doing in between doctors test. It is mainly used to measure Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol and Triglycerides so it said the website. But I also read that in order to know how the numbers on the good, bad cholesterol and triglycerides I have do a manual formula, is anyone familiar with this machine and its formula. I appreciate any help I can get with this. Thank you.

  3. DarcPrynce says:

    David Cholesterol rules!

  4. SeekerNLife says:

    “Useful Idiots”….indeed.
    You know, we have to take a driving test to get a Driver’s Licence.
    This video illlustrates that it would be a good idea for there to be a ‘competency test’ to get a Voter Registration Card.
    Excellent video!

  5. TylerNull says:


    Democrats & Jackasses — Life Partners

  6. DarcPrynce says:

    I’ve always thought there should be a competency test for voting in a presidential election… one which might include naming the three branches of government, the type of political system we have, and at least three stated policy goals of each of the major candidates.

  7. backtotheday says:

    I fear we are in for a marathon of Obama Zone episodes like they do on New Year’s Eve (yeah I have no life). Only, New Year will never come. It will be the same misery for us and our children and our grand children for the next 50 years. Daniel Hannan MEP said don’t go there with universal health care. He should know. But, our current administration is fast tracking us to hell.

  8. LokiScoutSniper says:

    Don’t vote unless you know the issues and the candidates.

  9. quaffer22 says:


  10. quaffer22 says:

    It’s really just that SIMPLE !!

  11. quaffer22 says:

    I’ve been saying that since seeing the vids exposing Obama supports lack of knowledge.

  12. LokiScoutSniper says:

    Well that makes you me and Aristotle who gets it. Maybe a few tens of million voters but I don’t regulate that. That would be the other sides department of regulation. We just get out and vote on our own accord. That whole without being told to chess nut self reliance thing.

  13. DarcPrynce says:

    Obama is either incompetent or evil…. I’m not sure which.

  14. DarcPrynce says:

    …and are a legal citizen of the United States!

  15. LokiScoutSniper says:

    Goes without saying for us but for others well let’s say it’s a gray area if it serves their own ends.

  16. lol, that was great! Perfect Rod Serling.

  17. roudy1689 says:

    yeah no kidding that was a great serling, that was once again another cool darcprince vid

  18. Bigfatdaddy9919 says:

    I should be crying after watching this, but I cant stop laughing after hearing those dumb asses trying to answer those questions!

  19. 1/20/2013. Now that’s change I can believe in.

  20. zerotolerance4u says:

    Outstanding! Much too true for comfort.


  21. This is my new favorite!!!


  22. badger9522 says:

    Thanks for sharing love it!

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