The Liver

9 Responses to The Liver

  1. Akina19 says:

    its fun to revise with your videos, i wouldnt recomend studying by just these videos but they make revising fun, i have my final bio high exam in four weeks so thanks 😀

  2. wusufasa says:

    Fun notes! thanks for the post man! Where’s the audio from?

  3. OlyGian says:

    You’re welcome. The song is called DVNO by Justice. 🙂

  4. OlyGian says:

    You’re welcome, good luck in your exam!

  5. drmaderiasr says:

    I use your videos to innervate and propagate Action Potential,oriented towards my A & P lesson plan. Need some for the Nervous System!

  6. karlman42 says:

    oligian your a life saver!!!

  7. hairpin77 says:

    Mate, you are an absolute legend for making this video!!! its great!

  8. stjustin says:

    thanks so much i <3 you!

  9. SomeAlbanianGuy says:

    Thanks. this is a cool powerpoint. very informative

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