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  1. edieparks says:

    very entertaining from your band sister,

  2. divataunia says:

    You are wonderful! The thing is, I can TOTALLY relate to everything you’re talking about. And I actually love that you can laugh at these things. You’re inspirational! 🙂

  3. butterflysignal says:

    You’re wonderful!

  4. faithfulwind5 says:

    wow. ^-^ i hope u make more vidz

  5. meltingmamamelted says:

    You got me laughing. 😀

  6. mizzpurpose says:

    girl you have such a beautiful personality! i hope you’ve reach your goalsXxX

  7. juiceegapeach says:

    if you arent telling the truth about plane travel as an overweight person.

  8. Seedcovers says:

    Great job! I will not be offended.

  9. You are truly honest and I really enjoyed it! Will be a regular viewer now 🙂