There is a soft waxy substance found in fats that are in the blood stream and all of your bodies cells, it is called cholesterol. It is used to form cell membranes, hormones, and needed for other things, that’s why it is an important part of the health of your body. But too much or too little cholesterol in the body can cause health concerns. Cholesterol can not be dissolved in the blood so it is transported by lipoproteins.

There are two different kinds of lipoproteins that transport cholesterol throughout the body called Low density and high density lipoproteins. LDL cholesterol is circulated in the blood and can slowly build up plague on the walls of arteries. It can cause a clot to form and block the blood flow to the heart and cause a heart attack. If the clot blocks the blood from the brain it is a stroke.

HDL cholesterol carries about one fourth of the blood cholesterol. It mostly carries it away from the arteries and into the liver where it is removed from the body as a toxin. HDL cholesterol is better known as the good cholesterol. It is referred to as this because it seems to protect the heart.

As there are 2 different main kinds of cholesterol there is also 2 main ways to get cholesterol. The liver produced some cholesterol and food that is consumed contains cholesterol. There is food that doesn’t have cholesterol in it as well. Normally the liver makes all the cholesterol that the body is going to need. Therefore you don’t need to consume any cholesterol. Trans fats and saturated fats raise the blood cholesterol. The liver does remove some of the excess cholesterol but the body is still taking in more than it needs.

People who have high cholesterol levels need more excess cholesterol removed from the body. Getting regular exercise can actually increase HDL cholesterol in some people. It can also help control weight, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Things like power walking, jogging, and swimming are great exercise. Even things like yard work; house work, cleaning, and grocery shopping are getting exercise.

Smoking has a great affect on your body. It is one of the risk factors for heart disease. You can change or treat it though. Smoking does however lower your HDL Cholesterol levels and increases the risk for blood clots. Moderate use of alcohol has been linked with higher levels of HDL Cholesterol, but the other risk f actors of drinking still don’t make it a great preventative. It can raise blood pressure, cause obesity, stroke, and cancer.

Some of the foods that should be avoided to prevent excess cholesterol in the body are beef products, veal products, pork products, egg, egg yolk, turkey products, fish oil, fish products, lamb products, chicken products, and processed meats.

Mostly all meat products will raise cholesterol levels. So will any fast food, and junk foods.

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