Constantly confronted by the near-skeletal models gracing the glossy pages of supermarket tabloids, it is little wonder that today’s young, and eve not-so-young, women are falling into the trap of irresponsible weight loss. And while pleas for health, responsibility, and the feminist perspective (all valid in their own right) fall too often on unresponsive ears, perhaps a different approach is necessary. Confronting girls and women with the concrete consequences of dangerous diets, diet pills, and eating disorders may be the required shock tactic to cease self-destructive patterns. There is little need for exaggeration when considering these consequences, not the least of which is the loss of the beauty these women are striving to emulate. While the thin models look great, it takes a load of makeup artists and airbrush experts to make them appear that way. Unhealthy weight loss, when it reaches a dangerous level, results in pale, gray skin, sunken faces, and even hair loss. Bald is not beautiful. More seriously, maintaining a BMI of less than sixteen can cause unpleasant bodily effects. Many super-thin girls find it difficult to stand for long periods or even go up the stairs. They often report severe insomnia which prevents clear thinking. And because of a lack of healthy fat, they are constantly cold even at normal temperatures. Some of this is a result of failed circulation. Further, and less spoken of, extremely low body weights can result in a loss of bladder and bowel control. This is far from sexy. Feeding tubes aren’t sexy either.

Drastic measures are impossible to avoid when a woman’s health declines to the point of death. While this might call up images of the walking skeleton stuck in a sterile clinic, there are life-threatening conditions that can result much earlier in a course of unhealthy weight loss. Malnutrition can result from insufficient food intake, and judgment too is impaired fairly quickly. Diet pills, especially those imported from unregulated overseas markets, can put stress on the vital organs. Girls have died in Japan, Thailand, and even the United States because of the tax they put on their livers and hearts. Just as dangerous are the behaviors associated with bulimia which complicates the work of the heart. Taking ipecac can result in a heart attack, even on the first attempt. These are real consequences. Unfortunately, our society has made being a size six out to be an awful alternative. Ultimately, the female form needs to be reclaimed, a healthy curve (or at least a little flesh) needs to be restated as the normal, but this may be a long way off.

For the moment, the revelation of these unpleasant consequences of unhealthy weight loss need to be put before the same women who see those staged magazine covers. There are variety of diets are suitable to an individual according to one’s personality, physical structure, obesity, hereditary diseases, physical illness, environmental weather etc,. But a common thing you have compulsory follow is, you have to make sure that all your regular diets are based with essential nutrients and minerals for good health and immunity. Usually in vegetarian, eating all kind of foods from all groups according to our seasonal availability is the best rule for your healthy diet. At the same time, the quantity of food you take on regular basis should be less than your quantity of diligence or hard physical work always. In your daily in taking, protein must be rich and minimum fifty grams of protein you have to consume in your daily routine diet as an average quality from your adolescent period. If your muscle tissues should not be broken even for silly reasons, you have to take protein enriched food regularly. In order to avoid unwanted physical fatigue, and fluid imbalances, you have to consume carbohydrates at least one hundred grams per day. Adequate fiber in your regular food will help for proper bowel functions and it will completely avoid constipation which is a major thing for all sorts of ailments.

Cholesterol is one of the major cause for heart attack and you have to avoid cholesterol enriched foods and more than twenty five to thirty milligram cholesterol; is the best quantity in your daily diet. The practice of following any kind of diet plans from outside is more hassle than your own diet plans according to your health condition and needs. You have to avoid all junk foods and follow to take nutritional items for your well healthy physique and to maintain lower body weight. Diet for 50%, water for 25% and 25% empty stomach is the best principle for your good health. Instead of eating three times in full stomach, taking six to seven times light food and refreshment is the best idea

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