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  1. peterich2005 says:

    Thanks for those wonderful information.

  2. Prophetelf says:

    resanstance tranning

  3. PersianPrince66 says:

    I just cant gain weight i have been weight training for few years on and off ive taken alot of supplement shakes and creatine i wont even gain a pound i eat to the point that i cant move i just dont get it

  4. StandFirm says:

    Have you watched all of my clips on YouTube? Have you ordered my DVDs? There is A LOT to learn about proper technique.

    How frequently do you eat? How often do you train? Age? Lots of questions, huh? 🙂

  5. venetiajoubert says:

    You rock!! You are sooo informed, so professional!! Thank you!!

  6. Clueless41 says:

    I have the same problem you’re burning it off as you work out, you eat all this shit and you work it off.

  7. seditionape says:

    ?. There’s no secret! Get up off your ass and put the work in!. Free weights all the way.

  8. drummerjoelb says:

    Why does he have to talk that fast? People are gonna listen to that extra 20 seconds anyway. And also, I’m 14 and I already go to a gym and do weights and stuff, but not like crazy. Should I be doing this? PLEASE respond.

  9. ……..breathe mate….breathe……

  10. adamaris005 says:

    damn, he is either nervous or PAYING FOR EACH SECOND OF THIS VIDEO.

  11. christoff10 says:

    pasta, tuna, nuts, bananas, chicken, steak, peanut butter
    carbs carbs and more carbs 5 times a day don’t go hungry snack al the time.
    I had the same problem putting on wight however the only supplement that helped me was high quality wight gainer. remember suplements support, food builds even steroid wont make you big if you dont feed correctly.

  12. MCCOLM1982 says:

    is swimming good i cant aford to go jim i am thinking of going swimming 4+ time a week

  13. farmerted159 says:

    Yes swimming is very good, you’re using all your muscles when you swim. Keep it up.

  14. shanmaster07 says:

    really good advice!!

  15. gsmooth745 says:

    looks like your jaw is reaching point of failure.

  16. StandFirm says:

    Don’t hurt yourself. 🙂

  17. Roshibear says:

    The only reason I belong to gym is to swim. I wish I had a place that was free 🙂

    Swimming is excellent exercise. Except watch your appetite. After a long run, for example, my appetite goes down, but it’s the opposite after a long swim. A lot of other swimmers I know also experience this. Swimming is excellent exercise, but a lot swimmers still have trouble losing weight because of how much they eat.

  18. Roshibear says:

    Make sure you’re getting enough calories. In your case it seems like you need an exceptional amount. I would no more then six reps a set and as few sets as possible at least 3 but no more than 5 making sure that you are working until complete failure of the muscles. Concentrate on complex movements like the Bench press and bent over rows that require support from many different muscle groups…

  19. Roshibear says:

    if you can get six reps out, you’re not using enough weight. Personally I would suggest you just hire a trainer since you’re going to need a partner with the type of weight it looks like you’ll need to lift to gain mass.

    The thing is you can and will gain mass if you really want to, although from what you said it won’t be easy and you’ll need to work out as smart as possbile.

  20. WorldMan1975 says:

    Roshibear – I disagree with some of your points. For one, multiple sets serve no greater benefit than single sets. For another, you did not specify the time under tension for the 6 reps. I would say thought that going higher than 6 reps will still produce results, within certain time parameters.

  21. so how exactly does having more muscle increase metabolism? i see that having a high metabolism burns more fat, but what does muscle have to do with it?

  22. i learned a lot of info from your videos,thanks a lot for that!,im looking forward for some stretching videos from you starting from the upper ex- to the lower ex.