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  1. Is there any drug-free pain relieving option?
    When we get a cramp, bruise, stiff neck, or headache, and we want relief—fast.

  2. Vitacost is awesome. I have purchased my supplements from them some many years. Great products at an even greater price.

  3. Which one is more important, in fish oil, toward health, EPA or DHA? Thanks

  4. MadSmokerBBQ says:

    I agree on VitaCost, glad I found them. My first order was huge and everything was right, got here fast and was priced wayyyy below retail.

  5. MadSmokerBBQ says:

    dunno but NSI has them combined together in one supplement.

  6. I smell something fishy about this product and it is good.

  7. BaileyLush says:

    They are both essential for different biochemical processes in the body. Although men bio synthesize DHA less efficiently than women. so if your a guy, you gotta take that into consideration.

  8. I heard comments about fish oil from two different extremes. 1st group of the people said fish oil is very healthy for just about every parts of your internal organs such as heart and brain and even our skin. 2nd group of the people were saying omega 3 doesn’t do any good to any of our body parts, it is just propaganda, don’t waste your money! There is a cardiologists even told me that fish oil may also increase your LDL if taking it too much. You have any thought or comment about both sides?