We must be absolutely crazy. We eat the wrong kind of foods. We also consume the wrong kinds of drinks. Secondly we eat too much of them and as a consequence a high proportion of the population is obese also known as overweight. This sends alarm signals warning of such conditions as diabetes 2.

Lots of drinks such as lemonade is fizzy and contains high amounts of sugar. The average American eats one cup of sugar every day or 210lbs per year. We eat sugar in a variety of ways. It’s in sweet foods such as cakes, cookies, pastries. It’s in ice cream. It’s in many tin foods and sauces. Any label that claims “no fat” or “low fat” has high levels of sugar listed on it. It is eaten at vast amounts and is used in many foods and people, in particular, children are consuming it at frightening levels.

No wonder obesity is continually rising and is becoming a major health problem. One of the biggest health problems that is affecting many people across the world is Type 2 diabetes. Once it sets in your system and gets uncontrolled diabetes increases your risk of heart disease, blindness, nerve pain and kidney damage.

Most people who develop this type 2 diabetes are overweight. It develops because either your cells do not produce enough insulin, the body’s hormone that regulates sugar levels in, or your body ignores the insulin you do produce. This means that glucose level in your blood-stream is too high and could cause problems. High glucose levels leave your body’s cells starved of energy and over time. The good news is something can be done about it. By using the discovery of the amazing health benefits of seaweed.

Seaweed is being harvested for foods and drinks across the world. There is one good quality seaweed and it comes from a nutrient-rich brown seaweed from the Pacific Ocean. Another factor about this seaweed it is high in fibre. As a consequence this may help with your weight control by filling you up and not out. The more nutrient-balanced foods, and drinks we consume they can eliminate food cravings brought on by nutritional deficiencies.

Think of being overweight or obese as a visible warning that you need to take urgent action. Sound nutrition is virtually important in helping you lose weight and keep it off. There have been lots of studies around the world about edible seaweed, has been found in studies to help modify the uptake of glucose in the gut and contains substances that help modify its metabolism, according to fat-either in diet or in large folds under the skin.

Some foods are better than others in helping with weight loss. With the control in helping stabilize your blood glucose and control insulin resistance. It has also been suggested inflammation plays a role in the development of type 2 diabetes, and scientists, as reported in February 23, 2004 Time magazine article, “The Firs Within”, have found a “complex interplay between inflammation , insulin and fat-either in the diet or in large folds under the skin.” While scientists are trying to sort out this connection, again certain foods, particularly edible seaweed are known to quiet the flame of inflammation.

Type 2 diabetes is, for most part, a preventable disease. Weight control through proper diet and exercise is the most important lifestyle change you can make. By losing weight and keeping it in control you will look better and feel better. Your diet should be high in fibre, low calorie and contains sugar-stabilising ingredients. Health Promotion should be key to living a long and healthy life. A life where we have some control to prevent us from having Type 2 diabetes.

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