1. Mak Sultan says:

    My sister has type 1 diabetes, and she told me that I have a good chance of getting it too because our great grandfather and his mother had diabetes. A lot of other people in my family have it, on my mom’s side. What are my chances of getting Type 1 diabetes?

  2. aww emmie, i love you sooo muchh.. stayy strong <3

  3. AllyGirlDiabetic says:

    Hello. I just want to say that your are doing an awesome job. I too have diabetes and im now 12. I have had it since i was 9 but the doctors say i probably had it for 3 years before that. dont worry I did go in that same walk also. Stay strong and follow your dreams. I hope that you do that same things as me. I help other diabetes by babysitting for them. I love to help them bevcause i no there parents like it for so many reasons.

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