Tea: Always Looking Out for You

26 Responses to Tea: Always Looking Out for You

  1. Spider Pc says:

    I can’t seem to find the correct color of nude lipstick/gloss it always looks right in the tube but when I get it on it doesn’t. I have fair skin & red hair. Please name brands & what color. I will pick a best answer:) Thanks!

  2. HungryHippo110708 says:

    …still makes me smile to watch this!

  3. CarlsAdventures says:

    Nice vid man. Keep working. It came out great.

  4. mg4bears says:

    nice video man!

  5. matheweis says:

    AWESOME!! Love the ending. 😉

  6. republican4christ says:

    I LIKE LOTS AND LOTS!!! Especially the ending 🙂

  7. franzzsh says:

    wow this is cool!
    the ending is really great
    awesome, ill drink tea every day!

  8. turomme says:

    k brutal t kedo

  9. tonyguywi says:

    Lovin it…it just keeps getting better with age..

  10. tonyguywi says:

    Nice, I love the insider notes…very cool..

  11. tonyguywi says:

    Who is this Kenny guy? He did a great job…!

  12. happilyrejected says:

    That’s neat. I never knew that. I already drink tea but now I want to start drinking green tea.

  13. tjcrystalcove says:

    Great video! It’s filled with action, comedy, great props and wardrobe, along with important heath information! Green tea does the body good, not milk! lol

  14. mellieojellie says:

    lol funny, nice video.

  15. bridgejen11 says:

    I meant to leave a 5 star rating for this video. This is one of the best video’s on YouTube!!!!!! The acting and choreography are excellent and the content is well scripted. Great Job!!!

  16. tisarealg says:


  17. FFXiscoolandhot says:

    Haha,that is funny.i have many ways I excercise and keep my figure.

  18. CaptainFF says:

    that happened to me yesterday.

  19. xShamelessxLovex says:

    haha well done, loved it!

  20. sab6jess says:

    lol at the end when the guy is following the girl and then out of know where the guy jumps him… 😛 lol funny

  21. JordanBillShow says:

    nice job dude i liked it

  22. 747K says:

    Very very very good tea!!!!!

  23. CALgirl415 says:

    Well, I think its time for me to accept that I didn’t win and compliment the videos I’ve admired for the past week. Love the fight scenes in your video! Really nicely edited. And laugh out loud funny at the end!

  24. dragonballcatcher7 says:

    luv the ending

  25. BourneDirector says:

    lol at 20 secs when he gets a bow out

  26. JennaStarclaw says:

    tea is great! luv this commercail—your own personal tea, looking out for you!

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