1. blarg blarg says:

    Say there re two psychics
    One can control your mind
    The other can greatly influence your mind

    What would be the difference?

  2. RobMonty248 says:

    Thought can cure diabetes and many other diseases eminate from the etheric body being out of balance, stress is a killer, repeating shit comments to yourself is a killer, eating shit boxed foods that you cant pronounce the ingrediants is a killer.
    Red and Yellow and BLue Dyes # 1,2,3,4,5 are all also poisons. Youve been taught this, but dont really think about it, preservatives = bad. No other way around it.
    State of mind is Very effective cure to almost ALL DISEASE, combined with meditation.

  3. RobMonty248 says:

    Doctors need to also learn that spirituality or a beliefe can cure, just by choosing love and beleiving in self. Doctors are taught to provide pills, my pills made me sick for months, they blammed it on vicodin, i wasnt taken vicodin for awhile anyhow, but still was sick, very.. I chose not to take the pills anymore, I was scared they are the cause. I was currently just entering a new beleife system of love, happiness and compassion for all things, before this the pills worked, did thier job.

  4. RobMonty248 says:

    I did quit all sugar intake, of almost any kind i can think opf except like some breads. I use juicers, oatmeals, nuts, fruits, cereals with no sugar. Lost over 36lbs but also, before I didnt start to just BELEIVE in my health, I NEEDED the diabetes pills, I was getting sick until I stopped taking the pills, but also then noticed, my sugar stayed low, after months now, I can actualy eat some sugars now, my blood doesnt go high anymore. I am not on pills. Pills dont cure diabetes, action does.

  5. RobMonty248 says:

    I hope this helps you all as it did me, I know there are some people who will disagree, but this is my story in short..
    See my playlists, learn about waveforms, especially negative waveforms, this form is also a brian wave form, and being in a negative state, helps you gain diseases people, but also, CELL PHONES, SATELITES, TELEVISION CAST OUT NEGATIVE WAVE FORMS, and also TV repeates DISEASE COMMERICALS OVER AND OVER, repitition is the simplist form of mind control, PUT IT TOGETHER PEOPLE!!

  6. ricpmateo says:

    Really very helpful in speeding up my learning to become a diabetes educator here in Australia. Hearing also from specialist you interviewed answered questions I have and will surely help my future clients. It is good that your organisation is non profit, means you are not focused in making money but in helping people.



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