1. cheverisimo1234 says:

    what do you do when you have type 1 diabetes, gerd, gastroparesis, and celiac disease? any followup videos to this? i got all 3 of these

  2. Gastroparesis is the worst thing that’s happened to me. It ruins my ability to work. I take domperidone. Maybe that can help you, Cleverisimo.

  3. hipmemphischick says:

    i understand , i have diabetes and gastroparesis, suffer from depression, anxiety and social anxiety disorder…. feeding tubes is not how i imagined my life to be sustained on…. it stinks , keep in touch with me if you would like a friend for support ! also there is a yahoo support group for gastroparesis patients. would love to chat with you . God Bless.

  4. ananya7ananya says:


  5. fakemohamad says:

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  6. OriginalMusicaster says:

    These people work for a drug company that sells drugs for huge profits. I have a question. Why cant we talk about actual foods that are not good for any one to eat? Instead of a general medical lesson and the reason why we need their drugs.
    celiac disease can be made better by avoiding gluetten but do you here that with these people

  7. trishthapa says:

    great informative….Thank u for posting this ..

  8. mrphlipper says:

    I guess you didn’t watch the whole video. They had a large section on the glutten free diet.

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