TCOYD: Continuous Glucose Monitoring

5 Responses to TCOYD: Continuous Glucose Monitoring

  1. everydayGuitarist says:

    What is the difference between a discrete or a continuous random variable and please provide an example for the class.

  2. russhurley says:

    another great clip.
    Hypoglacemia = ADHD

  3. OllieCClarke says:

    Great Video. I live in the UK and think that this should be available to everyone for free (or on Health benefits etc). It would save the healthcare (in all countries) billions each year because people would have a lot less symptoms and complications. Its silly that this isnt the case. This is a great video as are the others. Thanks a lot it makes living with diabetes a lot clearer and easier.

  4. cerena says:

    hypoglycemia is not adhd. I have such severe hypoglycemia that I’ve been in two hypoglycemic comas. that is not ADHD. do your research.

  5. gamesbok says:

    ADHD is Attention Defecite Hype…..oh look, a butterfly!

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