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  1. if it helps- i like tegan and sara.. daniel powter
    i like the song collide by howie day?

  2. kimberleymh says:

    What kind of detox are you doing? Oh, I didn’t tell you that I was going to do the HCG but my first day I think I mixed it wrong and I hurt my abs that a stuck with the needle, so then I was onto the subligual well that doesn’t work for me either as you have to mix if with colloidal silver and , lol I am allergic, so that don’t work either, 🙁 Great video by they way I think you should send it to her. 🙂

  3. steamedguy says:

    Keep up the good work Steve! You’re a great person. Love you mate <3

  4. 2ThousandAnd9 says:

    @steamedguy Thanks so much Ben, how is your collab video cming along?
    I love you too!

  5. 2ThousandAnd9 says:

    @kimberleymh Yikes the needle thing freaks me out.
    I posted it as a video response, I have a feeling
    she won’t respond.
    Thanks and good luck with the HCG!

  6. steamedguy says:

    @2ThousandAnd9 Not too bad, still chasing people up :), Will take a long time dude 😀

  7. 2ThousandAnd9 says:

    @steamedguy I can only imagine, good luck with it buddy!

  8. Bandstress says:

    I see she is still insane. LOL I didn’t even know she was still ‘around’, have not heard her name in years. SO SAD that she has to use Howard Stern as her medium to come back. He makes me wanna puke. Interestingly enough there are ZERO video responses attached to her videos even though I see quite a few related video responses. Oh well, I will go back to forgetting about her again. 🙂 Looking good Steve.

  9. genuinelysarcastic says:

    same here … i didn’t know she was still in existence!

  10. narcissisticfatchick says:

    Preach Steven! Well said. Good luck on the detox =0)

  11. 2ThousandAnd9 says:

    Yay! So glad to hear from you!
    Thanks for watching! <3

  12. 2ThousandAnd9 says:

    She’s still around yes, just not as visual anymore, I was a fan, not anymore, to be completely honest she repulses me now, and I hope that she realizes just how many fans she’s going to lose.

  13. Again, great video, Steve!! You are AWESOME!!