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  1. cycleChic08 says:

    Great video! take care of yourselves and take care of each other… good words to end on. Funny she blocked you from her channel, probly cause you get a lot of views.

  2. Bandstress says:

    I love the short daily videos.

    I was watching the referred to video but stopped at about 3 minutes. Too intense. I think Susan really messed up when she placed her name anywhere near Howard Sterns.

  3. designsbypatricia says:

    hey at least she contacted you Im hoping she would talk to me we could really go at it im sure but nope nothing…she’s not even worth the time …umm excellent point about oprah…lets talk about oprahs talent and acceptence…they dont have the BALLS ( sorry ) but you know..I didnt realize when she was screaming stop the insanity , she was talking to HERSELF…lmao…have a great week…

  4. ladyworpledinker says:

    You’ve made such great points, thanks so much for sharing.

  5. 2ThousandAnd9 says:

    @ladyworpledinker Thanks for watching!

  6. 2ThousandAnd9 says:

    @designsbypatricia She didn’t address me directly, but she did use my words, and I am sure she didn’t take two minutes to look at my channel before she said the things that she did.

    LOL about saying stop the insanity to herself! <3 Take care!

  7. 2ThousandAnd9 says:

    @Bandstress Yeah she’s crazy.

  8. 2ThousandAnd9 says:

    @cycleChic08 Thanks so much!

  9. foxyladi23 says:

    Great video!!! I don’t know Susan Powter but obvious she can’t take constructive criticism. I love the daily videos. I vote that they stay! : )

  10. 2ThousandAnd9 says:

    @foxyladi23 Thanks so much! <3

  11. rosebush555 says:

    Steve….Susan Powter is on crazy woman who needs to keep her nasty views to herself!
    I agree with you 1000 percent!.
    I love your videos…daily,weekly…whichever works for you,works for me…you look great!

  12. saphre1964 says:

    amen brother….susan powter is TOXIC, i would say she probably is borderline and maybe even naracistic…
    and oprah does turn so much to gold!!!

  13. steamedguy says:

    I’m happy with either daily or weekly vlogs. I do like short sharp daily ones better though 🙂 x

  14. 2ThousandAnd9 says:

    @rosebush555 Thanks so much! I think I may stick with the minute long daily ones, this one was just a bit longer because I needed to rand. <3

  15. 2ThousandAnd9 says:

    @saphre1964 I agree! <3 Thanks for watching!

  16. 2ThousandAnd9 says:

    @steamedguy I think I will stick with the one minute daily vids, this one was just a little longer because I needed to rant. Thanks for watching Ben <3

  17. designsbypatricia says:

    @2ThousandAnd9 oh I went to watch it and I have been screaming all day I am Officially th president of the IHATE SUSAN powter club in fact i”m making it on face book..lol..look for my video you will laugh…

  18. queendiva73 says:

    I’m gonna have to go back and review the videos since I know what you are talking about, but I think Gabby Sidberadiates confidence, and that is something that everyone, no matter what shape or size, needs and deserves to discover! I hope that she is happy and helathy and sucessful! You are so right about saying “Live your life the way you want to” so true, so true! I just love ya Steve, you bring so many good things to the table!

  19. queendiva73 says:

    Steve, I posted this on her page under THAT video..
    Truth or not, it depends on the place that it comes from, there is a way to be concerned, and a way to be concerned for someone. How much did you like the cruelty when you were big? How much did the cruelty help you. Why don’t you offer your help to Gabby? That would come from a place of concern.

  20. kimberleymh says:

    Congrats on the cleanse, they are wonderful. I want to do another but I want to do it right, I have to not only cleanse this time but change everything that I have been eating and make that change then cleanse to start it all off.

  21. 4:14-4:17 these were deep words. I agree with you 100%!