1. Jerosh Nagulachandran says:

    Sunday i went snowboarding, and of course, fell and hit the top of my knee on a sharp rock.( i had to ride down in the sled…) Anyways it bled real bad and got swollen imediatly. Now it’s wednesday and the swelling went down a bit but it’s still tender and really weak. I really need to start working out again but i just cant. WHEN WILL IT STOP HURTING?

  2. mrankinmatt says:

    I’m going to Ottawa for a weekend and I’m located roughly around Parliament Hill. Is there anything I can do? Remember, I’m 18, so nothing boring, I know there is an Ice rink close to where I am so I can go skating but I need more options. Thanks in advance.

  3. From the perspective of a girl from Orlando that looks like sooooo much fun! zippy

  4. nadinemccarthy08 says:

    That looked so fun! It must be such an amazing feeling to do something like that, something you knew a year ago you wouldnt have been able to do! AMAZING

  5. SarahWillBeSkinny says:


  6. banded2live says:

    That is wonderful, I wish we had snow.

  7. wdsDarlin says:

    Looks like you guys had so much fun! Please send some of that snow to me!!!! 😀

  8. Christinakayrob says:

    That was great Taunia, loved the video! Looked like you had a great time!

  9. imaswtgrl says:

    cold, wet, and FABULOUS!

  10. Julsinmaine101 says:

    You look like a snowbunny!Great job kids!you have come so far..great job:)

  11. GOD!!! I miss the snow!

  12. ShrinkinPhotographer says:

    LMAO How fun! And Rob could NEVER deny those kids they both look JUST LIKE HIM!! LOL How cute!!! Looks like you guys had a blast. THank you for sharing!

  13. MySilentSerenity says:

    Taunia, you look so happy. It’s so amazing to have great fun at things you never thought you’d be able to do again. I can’t wait until i can fit into a roller coaster again.

  14. happypam2 says:

    you look great and so happy and having fun with your family is always fun have a great week stay warm lol

  15. krukkiana says:

    A happy, playful video! You look so happy and it is so much fun! I can`t wait to do it again myself, not to mention cross country skiing which is my favorite! You go girl!

  16. Wow..sledding. I haven’t been sledding in about 100 years LOL of course, that’s probably because I’ve been in Florida for about 15 years..but it was a long time before that LOL You look like you’re having a blast..YAY for being able to do fun stuff!

  17. TheCityDoll says:

    Your video really made me smile… It’s so nice to see how happy you guys all are! Really cute video!

  18. MissJanieHere says:

    woo hoo!!! that was great!!!!

  19. Watching your video was a great way to start my day!! It made me laugh and smile.

  20. iluvcocolopez says:

    Hey chica, looks like alot of fun! BTW, I finally got a surgery date, Feb. 3rd. I made a video of my before pictures so check it out. Thanks for all you vids, they really help me!

  21. nanananabhappy says:

    What a cute couple.

  22. RaleighGirll says:

    LOL That is awesome!! I am so jealous. Right now my left butt cheek is so big, it would have been frost bit from hanging off of the the side of the sleigh lol. I’m glad you had a terrific day girlie. 🙂

  23. OH isn’t it awesome?! I went sleding this year to for the first time in years! I had SO MUCH FUN!!!!! I can so tell you were havinga blast too!!!!! It is amazing that we are able to walk back up the hill isn’t it?! Last year I could barely walk anywhere let alone up a hill!!!! So proud of you!!!! Hugs Kim

  24. TrinaLee78 says:

    Cute video and pics!

  25. harrydracogirl says:

    omg snow! i have NEVER seen snow in my LIFE! looks like fuuuuun!

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