Weight lost is a biggie in today’s society. For both men/women all shapes and sizes. Some look to lose just a couple of pounds. Some seek to lose for health reasons. Some are in need to lose sizeable amounts of pounds, and others simply need to gain, so you see we are in this together. And together we can conquer these very needs.

Why do people wont or need to lose weight? 64 percent of people are overweight in the US. 48 percent of people in Europe are overweight. 27 percent of Americans are classified as obese. Obesity is responsible for 325,000 deaths every year. Obesity cost an estimated 75 billion dollars because of it’s long and expansive treatment. 300 million people worldwide are obese. 750 million people worldwide are overweight. This is higher, compared to weight lose market of 61 billion dollars last time. Spending on Hoodia Gordonii expected to surpass 750 million dollars in sales. 400,000 death each year may be attributed to obesity.

What do carbohydrates do?

They play a role in health issues. Are they good or bad? Yes and Yes. Some are good and some are bad. Some can be the leading cause of diabetes.

Some people have health issues they diet and be healthy. Do to obesity, overweight, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, coronary heart disease. Simply becoming sick more often, with the feel of irregular. Others to get the body you wont fast and have the look. Such as cellulite, or to have a beach body , being able to enjoy the summer, can’t fit into sexy clothing like lingere, bathing suit, and bikini wear, tired of stomach rolls, or man boobs.

Problems with negatively affecting relationships look for the best ways to diet and keep the spark. People who are coming off of a separation/divorce/break-up, spouse/girlfriend pushing for weight loss, unhappy with your weight, with lack of sex drive stomach in the way, lack of movement, lonely due to lack of dating success/profile pictures. Seasonal event based weight loss usually try dieting before an event. People who wont to lose weight for a wedding, or just joined a club/team and need to lose weight, to be a bridesmaid/groomsmen, are simply a New Years resolution, are to work out like their favorite T.V. show ex. Biggest Loser. Expecting moms seek to get rid of unwonted pregnancy weight.

After having a child, or keep fit while pregnant, getting rid of after pregnancy stretch marks, with irregular digestion, unhealthy stool. What are some of the reasons one should start dieting, personal life issues could be reason . People with back issues, having to buy new and larger size wardrobe, clothes simply don’t fit, sweat excessively, cannot maintain hygiene, sore feet/swollen feet, waddle when walking, heavy breathing when performing simple task like walking up stairs, spending to much money on diet programs.

Family related do to obesity running in family’s and want to stop trend, children with weight issues. Work related having trouble holding onto jobs because of weight problems, wont to get past the interview phase because of the very reason. Simply for better performance. Are because other tend to watch you more than the work you do. There are tones and tones of reason. Self confidence can make one search high and low for a miracle diet recipe. The thought of others being ashamed.

People with cases of depression that are overweight some even under weight. The hate of feeling ugly, the mirror effect, social acceptance, the feel of old, seatbelt don’t fit, having trouble fitting in one seat, having your picture taking.

The who of weight loss and all of which we address from different perspective. Women wont to be healthy and slim. The fight is different as females have to deal with slower metabolic rates. Maternal, more conscious of how they look, flat stomach.

Men needing strength, obese men are more concerned with actual fat loss, while mid size males are looking for muscle gains and getting sculpted bodies. Not as self-conscious about their bodies as women. Children parents looking to keep them health, kids that are less active then even 10 years ago because of computers and the increase in gaming systems. Focal point is diet and over all child exercise systems. Employers looking for healthy employees.

New initiatives taking place inside the workplace to increase exercise and healthy eating. Strip that fat is a life changing program. Wait no more sign up today and get the body you wont and need.

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