1. blarg blarg says:

    we have this experiment about the bypass capacitor. I don’t understand the significance of the capacitor. Please help me understand. The definition says that it creates an AC ground without disturbing it’s Q point. I understand that bypass capacitors increase the gain of a circuit. how does that work?

  2. JanLunchBucket says:

    It would be nice if you had at least half the number of people who have had the mini bypass who are 3 years out instead a weeks post operative. Most people are going to post feel good comments in their honey moon phase.

  3. qxtroidinare says:

    I have actually been in line to getting the Ruen Y gastric bypass.. if thats how you spell it, I’m not entirely sure… but my question about it.. is..really what is the difference between the Full and the Mini bypass.. I know in the RY your stomach is reduced to the size of a ping pong ball and they re-intruoduce your intestine to the small pouch….

  4. qxtroidinare says:

    explain to me please…what are the procedures doing a MGB… If it seems to be better and safer than the RY then I’d like to discuss that with my doctor. thanks.. please message me to my message cause im not sure if i’ll revisit this video to check for an answer.

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