Steel Magnolias – Part 12

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  1. Tyler H says:

    MY boyfriends Dad has terminal brain cancer. Neither he or his brother are dealing with it. I have a health care sitter 24 hours a day I am there at least 12. I am glad to help ( i am a registered nurse and dentist) I am the total advocate making calls, getting needed item, bathing etc.. I am doing this for his Dad. Anyone have to do something like this?
    Please respond

  2. latinguy67 says:

    i am so sorry for ur loss. damn. just damn.

  3. Missknowitall77 says:

    terms of endearment will get the tears flowing too.

  4. carlah61 says:

    This is one of my favorite movies of all time. I cry every time I watch it. I even got my husband to watch it.

  5. wonderties says:

    what is the song that is played at the very end ?

  6. MephistophelisedHam says:

    Ok, he had Dylan McDermitt and Julia Roberts as Parents and yet has completely snow white blonde hair?? They could have cast the son a bit better.

  7. HoofFinFeathers says:

    Shelby was a red-head, and had a blonde brother. They could have had a blonde son. And childrens’ hair often gets darker as they grow.

  8. UFOSPACE1999 says:

    James ‘CRAP” Horner was FIRED off the movie, and replaced with this beautiful score by Georges Delerue. IT IS beautiful and soaring. IT was nominated for best score that year. Excellent Choice.

  9. DelorienAz says:

    It’s not uncommon – both my parents have dark hair, but me and my brother both had white hair as kids.

  10. debbiepeter says:

    This is always been one of my fav’s its such a beautiful story! I would also like to add that just because a child has snow white hair at birth does not mean he/she keeps it for life…. my husband had snow white hair as a child, just like I did. I remained a fair blonde all my life, he ended up a very dark burnette. I want to thank you for putting this on youtube so I had a chance to enjoy it on such a hard day for me. Seems to make everything less stressful:)

  11. earthworm85 says:

    Great Movie I finally saw the whole thing. hehehe 3:10 :o)

  12. DelainenShawn says:

    I always cry when I watch this movie, but despite how sad it is, it is one of my absolute favorites. I loved watching it and will watch it many more times!

  13. MrAmbidexterous says:

    I cant stop crying!

  14. MagnoIiaAzuI says:

    wanderfull movie!
    Thans so much!

  15. taratec says:

    i agree they should have cast a brown-haired Jack…although many kids start out w/ blonde hair and it gets darker, myself included.

    One question: Did Annelle ever explain what happened b/c first she said her husband left her and next thing i know she’s having a baby and married. or was that a new guy?

  16. ladydarkness17 says:

    i love how the movie started on easter or around it and ended it the same beautiful ending 🙂

  17. spendiferouslochness says:

    her husband got arrested and put away but they don’t really explain much more than that
    the guy she marries in the movie is Sammy, the bartender at the wedding, so a new guy.

  18. annettealex1 says:

    love this movie many thank you’s to the person or persons that uploaded it, even though it deals with family life and loss it is a wonderful movie about family and friendship , thank you again

  19. annettealex1 says:

    i did not realize untill i read a article that the gentleman who wrote the playwright for it base it on his sister who had a medical condition and was advise not to have kids but wanted a baby and went againest medical advice and a had her baby shortly after due to complications cause by her pregnancy she pass away, and he wanted her child to know what a wonderful woman she was and how her family and community supported her and her family through her life

  20. stingotz52 says:

    This is one of my favorites also. I always cry. My husband did give me a compliment, he said I walk like Sally Field’s character when I’m determined to get something done or get across a point. I believe most women do also, I’ve caught in other women walks over the years. God beless you….Laura

  21. quetevale says:

    thank for umplg, I alwasy cry at the end, womens always toguether

  22. kfetter16 says:

    beautiful movie. thank you for uploading. had myself a well needed cry 🙂

  23. virulentus666 says:

    Eat shit and die!!

  24. mameruso says:


    Muy buena pelicula, un final excelente

  25. MoonLitPassage says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this movie, its one of my favorites. : ) I’ve seen it many times throughout the years…I should probably just go ahead and buy the At any rate, have a great weekend.

  26. europa599 says:

    @UFOSPACE1999 James Horner’s score for “House of Sand and Fog” is fantastic, actually-and not completely like most of his other work.

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