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  1. The Villain says:

    My good friend had emergency double bypass surgery last night and made it through thankfully. Now he is in a drug induced coma. The doctors said it was 100% blocked. I don’t know much more than that. Will he hopefully make a full recovery?? I am really worried 🙁

  2. Hotshot t says:

    In our experiment (we used 2N5486 N-channel JFET), the voltage gain of the circuit with bypass capacitor has a larger value than that without the bypass capacitor. We compared the values obtained from the equation Av=Vout/Vin. Vout and Vin values where obtained through the oscilloscope.

    I couldn’t understand our lecture that’s why if you could explain in a more understandable way, that would much appreciated. THANK YOU so much in advance! God bless you.