1. More posts of this quality. Not the usual c***, paesle

  2. REBJHotaling says:

    I ate tofu but had a severe allergic reaction to soy milk that put me in the hospital. It spurred me to do research. Soy is becoming one of our largest crops & it’s now everywhere. It’s about making money now so videos like yours help us to make our own decisions based on fact not marketing gimmicks. Do you know anything about flax seeds? I’ve heard they have phytic acid in them too. I’ve been eating FS for over a year & would hate to learn I’m hurting myself in an attempt to be healthy.

  3. Being as soy sauce is fermented, it’s a possible migraine trigger. I’m still using it at times but I think I may end up just throwing it out. Sadly I have tons of food allergies, have already thrown out gluten and dairy… I think a bunch of my GF mixes/products/pastas have soy… but corn spaghetti doesn’t. 8D

    I learned to watch ingredient labels like a hawk years ago, and this soy info is relatively new to me… time to go look through my cupboards again and see what I’ve been missing. x__x

  4. Almond milk, coconut milk! No SOY! NO TOFU!

  5. wildcatjvs says:

    Wow! You’re awesome. I eat all organic, non-dairy, non gluten etc. I haven’t dated for years because I never thought I would find a mate that had simular beliefs. You are giving me hope to believe that dating is possible again, and that there are guys out there that are into being health conscious. By the way, thanks for the info on the soy stuff! Thanx -jv =)

  6. missekat0210 says:

    I drink soy milk with vanilla flavor once in a while… do u think is harmful? it is not everyday, but maybe two glasses per week…. what do u think? thanks

  7. mrssamsherpa says:

    Where did you get your info? I would like to personally research the benefits/ detriments of soy as well.

  8. how about stay away from GMO soy, canola, corn, and good old USA milk check it out in the docu”the world according to monsanto”
    if your eating or drink any of the four items above please research dont take my word for it

    get out of the propaganda

  9. jabrick17 says:

    too much of anything is dangerous! stick to that rule!

    1. AFAICT you’ve cvreoed all the bases with this answer!

    2. You put the lime in the coocunt and drink the article up.

  10. OMGLOLproductions says:

    Iheartresveratol: I’ve heard that on average Okinawan soy consumption is less than 100g per day, and considering how they eat, it would probably be from real, whole soy not like soy chips, soy protein, soy burgers, soy milk, etc.

  11. lionhasalreadybe says:

    My feces are more healthy for you than any soy. Tell you what!

  12. bigsmatchy says:

    thats a stupid rule… how much is too much? Is a glass a day bad or a glass a week bad? 2 glasses a day bad? How much? Maybe a teaspoon a day is too much? How much? Of course 100 gallons a day is bad because your stomach will explode. dahh

  13. Hey, great vids.

    What do you think of whole soy beans?

    (soaked and/or sprouted)

  14. licasixpack says:

    1liter every day for 10 years and i’m healed of chromical arthrites.
    How can U explain.

  15. JFHEALTHYandFit says:

    1 liter of what? soy milk? if so, yes, i can explain… its a 3 letter word – starts with a G and ends with a D … or you can say luck, or coincidence (but i prefer the first one) 🙂

  16. licasixpack says:

    I’m bodybuilding and for 1year do my 1 liter of soy milk a day.10years strait lol
    I fist on dairy products too ones every 2-3 monthsfor a week strait.
    No Luck at All my friend But my main food daily 1grapefruit,3aples 2x200gr.of wheat cereal with 1liter of SOY MILK and a good turkey breast dinner .

    1. Walking in the pesrence of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

  17. who do we really believe? well, I had a summer where I had drank so much soy milk my nails were stronger then ever, then I bumped into Doctor Mercola’s advice about the negative of soy milk, I just don’t know…

  18. iamadumpling says:

    you can get almond milk that is vanilla flavored its really really good, they also have chocolate flavor 🙂

  19. Sounds like Soy is a funny food has several good things it can do for you, and a lot of bad things it can do.

  20. The only thing I can say in defense of Soy is the accuracy of the studies done. Some will say that the their is either not enough studies or the studies that have been done are not entirely accurate. I would say just stay away from foods of controversy, but if you do that I think that eliminates everything from a diet.

  21. well im allergic to milk so soymilk and soy products is the only kind of “milk” i can eat. is that bad? should i be concernd?

  22. well im allergic to milk so soymilk and soy products is the only kind of “milk” i can eat. is that bad? should i be concernd?

  23. aroogooy123 says:

    you’re hot. I’m a dude btw. Yeah. I said it.

  24. oculusinfj says:

    you don’t need to drink milk.

  25. soy is much better alternative than most other sources of protein. I wouldn’t be surprised if these studies & videos are funded by industrial meat producers. Forget animal studies there’s human societies that consume tons of soy products are the diseases he mentioned more prevalent there?

  26. roxianealexander says:

    wouldn’t it be interesting to see equally indepth studies done on factory farmed animals regularly injected w hormones, steroids, antibiotics–not to mention the natural elevation of stress hormones before being murdered? Why is the entire east Asian world consuming tempeh and experiencing lower breast cancer rates than us???? studies need to be done on humans to have an accurate assessment–not animals…i do agree about the chemically produced packaged soy available here–it’s tainted

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