Sloane speaks…

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  1. joevsyou says:

    Who lived who died best detailed answer gets the 10 points. I didnt see it and want to knw how ended

  2. RichT says:

    Chapter Five

    Emma Greene, Sonya King

    “So how exactly did you get the necklace when your mom’s out of town?” Sonya had asked as they walked to the two available desks in the middle of the room.

    Emma had placed her things down then grabbed her diary. “Can you keep a secret? Her lips slowly slipped into a devious grin, then froze with a sign of death.
    Sonya starred at her unblinking eyes. She tried to share the same devious look in Emma’s face (Fail).

    “Yeah” Sonya said.

    Emma lean closer to her making sure no one was listening, ok my mom didn’t give me this, and the store clerk wouldn’t stop starring at me, so I frame someone and ran off.

    “Girls!” a tall woman with thick glasses, creamy skin, and bushy hair slammed her yard ruler on the girls’ desk and caused everyone to jump.

    “Is there something you would like to share with the class?” she pushed her glasses up with her bony fingers standing firm. She had dark circles under her big round eyes along with bags and a little too much blush.

    Sonya and Emma exchanged looks, and then Sonya slowly turned her head and twirled her hair with a smile.

    “No ma’am.”

    “This is a new year I expect more out of you two! Including, you Scarlett.” Professor Gulliver said. Her tone always seems to have changed even when she was giving long lectures. First it would sound like someone was speaking in a low rough voice as if they had a sore throat. Then it would sound high and unpleasant.

    There was a beep coming from Sonya bag. She looked up to see the professor not paying attention; she reached and pulled up the screen.

    “You know Sonya; it’s not nice posing as someone else.”

    Sonya looked around to see everyone copying the board; Emma was just placing her bag down by her side, and then smiled at Sonya.

    After two hours of reading and copying the board, Professor Gulliver gave everyone their first English assignment: a book report on Lord of the Flies.

    The bell had finally rung for gym. Sonya had threw the phone in her bag and hurried out the room.
    Sonya loved gym; dodge ball was her favorite game next to bally ball.
    Coach Galloway blew his whistle three times rushing everyone on the floor to divide the teams.

    A short plumy girl with light ash brown pink tails, glasses, dimples and peach skin was the first team captain.

    A taller girl with medium coopery blond hair was the second captain.Emma didn’t like gym. She hated dodge ball and preferred to go elsewhere. But the principal said “if she didn’t participate she would fail and lose a third of her grade and would have to repeat gym.”

    So she would either purposely get hit or pretended to.Sonya and everyone else scattered around throwing balls at each other. Sonya had nearly knockout half of the other team.

    Her blood was beginning to pump catching the next ball causing the opponent to get out. Her team cheered throwing a few high fives; Emma just sat on the bleachers’ with her black berry in her hand.

    Without looking up Emma disappeared a few minutes later. Eliza Sloane, Scarlett’s rival since the second grade .After fourth grade Scarlett became friends with Emma, Courtni and, Alyssa.

    Eliza hated her and her snobbish friends and planned to get back at her. Sonya waved, but Eliza ignored, and then mumbled something under her breath.

    The second round started and Emma was nowhere to be found. There was a rumor that Emma would write a doctor’s note forcing his and her parents’ name.

    Others say she’s a complete psycho and loved to manipulate people into doing what she wants.

    Scarlett on the other hand hated getting bad grade in math. So to keep her car and credit cards; she forced her last two Ds’ and Fs’ to As and Bs.

    Eliza had thrown the ball hard aiming at Sonya’s head, but missed.

    “Get her out Scar!” The plumy girl shouted.

    A few more throws and it was two against one. Eliza and the tall skinny girl had Sonya cornered. She had no balls on her side and was quickly thinking of a plan.

    Eliza threw the ball almost getting her out. Then the tall skinny girl who had spaghetti arms didn’t throw as far.

    Sonya grab her ball quickly getting her out, then at Eliza who was pump almost catching her ball.

    After three minutes Coach Galloway blew his whistle.

    “Tie!” he shouted.

    “Aw man I had her” Sonya said as everyone headed back to their locker rooms to change.

    Taylor West heart hammered and placed her hand over her mouth to stifle a scream. Everyone including Mrs. Wilson the assistant coach rushed to find bodies in the shower cover from head to toe in blood.

    “Everyone out now!” coach ordered.

    One of the girls fainted. Sonya tried to breath, she looked around to see Eliza standing there with a grin then disappeared.

    Emma made her way through the crowd to Sonya’s side.
    The stalls and everything else was bloody red. The mirrors were cracked, strands of the girls’ hair all over the floor.

    And on the wall was the same name that was above Scarlett’s head when she died that night.

    Sonya’s phone beep; Emma almost hurl and quickly ran out. She reached for her phone standing alone with coach Wilson who was calling the police.

    “your next”


    if you want i can post the link in order to read the first part of my book so you’ll know whats going on

  3. Kristian says:

    I have several British books that use the phrase “Sloane Ranger” to describe a particular type of person. What does this mean? Who are Sloane Rangers, and what do they do? Do they speak differently than other people?

  4. youtalking2me says:

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  5. youtalking2me says:

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