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  1. ECHutchinson says:

    “Disease Incidence Prevention by Serum 25(OH)D Level”
    this chart shows the level of 25(OH)D associated with least chronic disease. It is generally the case that 5000iu/daily for women and 6000iu/daily for men achieves this target. 1000iu/d per 30lbs or 100iu for each 3 lbs allows you to adjust for children or over/underweight individuals.
    IHERB Now foods 5000iu are the cheapest source I know. WAB666 saves you $5
    Grassroots D action will test your 25(OH)D for $20 or £20 ish.

  2. unscreen may actually be CAUSING skin cancer, if the latest
    statistics and case studies are any indication

  3. EssiacHempLaetrile says:

    Rick Simpson … “Hemp Oil Cures Cancer”

    Dr. Melamede … “Cannabinoids kill Cancer Cells”

    Dr. Di Marzo … “THC exhibits anti – tumor effects on various Cancer Cell types”

    SETH Group … “Herbal (THC) compound kills brain Cancer Cells – but not normal brain cells.”

    Dr. Guzman … “THC can promote the autophagic death of human and mouse Cancer Cells”

    Dr. Mechoulam … “we gave THC oil drops 400 times to children 1 -13 years old with Cancer & prevented vomiting & nausea 100%”

  4. amyhyde81 says:

    Why does this bloke appear to be smiling/smirking when presenting the figures for the number of deaths from melanoma in several developing and developed countries. Check it out, the time on the video is approximately 8 minutes 50 seconds. This bloke is a joke !!!!

  5. alexapollo22 says:

    There is this other guy Alex Chiu with his Immortality Rings, he treated lots of cancer cases including skin cancer. I had his Immortality Rings on and it certainly did help alot.

  6. HutchinsonEC says:

    If you click uctelevision
    and search
    you will find a whole series of vitamin d videos presented at this conference.

    Imagine spending all day hearing one after the other. There needs to be a break in the degree of seriousness in which these shocking and avoidable cancers are discussed.

    One of the reasons I fail so often to get my message across is because I take it so seriously I get annoyed and upset people.

    It’s no joke Gorham is deadly serious
    Skin cancer is avoidable.

  7. sirenbloodrain says:


  8. PremierLegend says:

    Let’s stop pretending. Nature ensure that, that which is healthy survives, and destroys everything else.

  9. MultiMeli123 says:

    Where did you hear this about sun screen causing CA? I use it a lot. My cousin just died at age 46 from melanoma..that freaks me out!

  10. ECHutchinson says:

    If you watch the video you will understand better how sunscreen works by moving the heat producing UVB rays into the UVA spectrum to prevent burning. They don’t prevent skin cancer because you can then stay out longer and get more UVA skin damage.

  11. This is too boring for me to watch. Can someone sum it up for me please. It’s unbearable. So does this say no sunscreen or what about uva/uvb sunscreen?

  12. ECHutchinson says:

    The video explains how skin has a natural photoprotection that regular short sessions in the sun throughout the year will enhance.
    Getting sunburnt is always harmful.
    using most current suncreens probably does more harm than good because they shift the UVB rays (that should be turning cholesterol into vitamin d) into UVA, and UVA is harmful to skin. As you are less likely to burn wearing a sunscreen you stay in the sun longer. Longer UVA exposure = more cancer & less vitamin D.

  13. Oh thanks alot 😀 what about uva/uvb sunscreen though? Would that be still bad. Maybe its just the ones that only do the one? Do ya know?

  14. ECHutchinson says:


    Sunscreen Abuse and Risk of Malignant Melanoma

    this will download the slides used in this presentation you will find the one you want
    slide 23 shows more studies show sunscreen increases melanoma than reduce it.
    slide 55 shows melanoma has been rising almost exactly in line with the amount of sunscreen sold.

  15. ECHutchinson says:

    Both will block the production of vitamin D so you should only use them AFTER you have been in the sun for 15~20minutes.
    Search for

    2009 Suncreen Guide | Environmental Working Group

    wholehealthsource blogspot

    has lots of good information look for

    Sunscreen and Melanoma

    Skin Texture, Cancer and Dietary Fat

    and you will understand more about how you can improve your skin’s natural sunscreen potential.

  16. Pekeno201 says:

    ok and what if i have a diet, that supplements huge amounts of vitamin D, will it help me have a higher resistance to UV, i dont mean be invincible but just help? cause i have a diet based on fish, mostly white meat fish, mostly salmon, tuna and sardines

  17. Pekeno201 says:

    thanky ouv ery much igot it and im reading it very enlightning

  18. ECHutchinson says:

    Diet can never provide more than 10% of Vitamin D daily needs.
    A high omega 3 Low omega 6 diet will help protect your skin.
    Farmed fish like Tilapia can contain much more omega 6 than omega 3.
    Fish canned in omega 6 vegetable oils leaches the omega 3 out of the fish and into the oil so you pour the omega 3 away.
    Having a vitamin D level above 50ng/mL improves natural photoprotection.
    That requires a daily Vitamin d intake over 5000iu/daily.

  19. anonymous915 says:

    I have a tendency to believe that melanoma has nothing to do with the sun (in the natural course of things – I’ve had two relatives that had melanoma develop in moles that were never exposed to the sun), but I do believe that there is a connection between sunscreens and the rise in number of cases. The more they screamed at people to use it, the more cases there seemed to be. Thank you for confirming that.

  20. anonymous915 says:

    Sounds like the ozone hole needs to be bigger if it’s acting like a sunblocker.

  21. ECHutchinson says:

    OZONE absorbs UVB

    Where there is an Ozone HOLE MORE UVB reaches the ground & you are MORE likely to burn.

    Unfortunately, like clouds, ozone isn’t spread out evenly.
    Surrounding the edge of the hole there is a LIP of OZONE we may better describe as an ozone MOUNTAIN.

    The HOLE is over Antarctica
    The ozone LIP or MOUNTAIN surrounding the hole varies seasonally but spends a fair bit of time over Australia.
    That’s why it’s a dilemma..
    No UVB reaching ground level means NO vitamin D.

  22. ennui1812 says:

    Thank you for this comprehensive lecture. I have always disliked sunscreen and favored physical blocks such as hats and lightweight, longsleeved jackets. I also have noticed that the very sun I instinctively crave is warm morning sun at 10:00 or 11:00 am. I’m a red head so this is important info I gained from this video lecture. Thank you!