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For many, a diabetes diagnosis is a wake-up call. You can get a diagnosis at any age, and it’s important to know what you can do to help yourself live a normal life with diabetes. Controlling a case of diabetes is usually a question of managing your blood sugar levels and living an active, health-conscious life. Medications (usually insulin, but sometimes other medications as well) are also used to keep your blood sugar under control and to manage your symptoms.

Though neither Type 1 nor Type 2 diabetes can be completely cured, with a lifelong commitment to your treatment plan, these diseases can be managed to the point that you will be able to live a normal life. The sooner you begin this treatment plan after you develop diabetes, the better. If you think you may have diabetes, don’t delay in seeing a doctor. Because the initial symptoms of Type 1 diabetes can be severe, it is not uncommon for you to have to stay in the hospital for a short time after your diagnosis. If you suspect that you have diabetes and delay seeing a doctor, you can end up in a coma. It is highly recommended that you see a doctor.

In general, people with diabetes should strive to be physically fit. Physical exercise has the effect of lowering the body’s glucose levels – sometimes for as long as 24 hours. Because the most harmful effects of diabetes are caused by elevated glucose levels, exercise is a valuable tool that allows diabetics to keep glucose at manageable levels. In addition, exercise also provides the same benefits to diabetics that it does to non-diabetics – namely, greater overall fitness, weight loss, higher strength and endurance, higher energy levels, elevated mood, and more.

Let us check the healthise video on how diabetes can be reversed.

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  1. kjturbospeed says:

    really bizarre. i actually went to the doctor today for a blood test to test for diabetes. This is one of

  2. kjturbospeed says:

    this is one of those Wake up call videos

  3. saintfletcher says:

    I’m skeptical of some generalised conclusions for everyone. Some people will get high cholesterol levels, not by diet but by their genes. There are vegetarian vegans with high cholesterol levels. Diet does not help without complementary medications. Some people are genetically more prone to diabetes and to change that is really hard work. There has to be balance, not radical dogmas forced onto people. We do have to balance the good in these programmes with prescription medication.

  4. littlegalah says:

    I agree with you totally, fletch, as you know I am an oversize lardarse myself, I am in a high risk group, for type2 diabetes due to my size and also type1 diabetes is running rampant on my father’s side of the family. to keep myself clear of any form of diabetes, I control the intake of natural sugars and processed sugars, its not a case of eating raw food and feeling better, you can eat any food but manage it correctly by ingredients.

  5. littlegalah says:

    one of the problems with raw food diets, being pushed, they dont take into account natural sugars that occur in berries, pineapples etc.
    also neglecting 2 types of whitebread, there is bleached white bread the bad one, there is unbleached whitebread, which is usually off white.found normally purchased from continental bakeries. my biggest concern with the raw food diet, is the lack of complete whole protein, found only in meat.

  6. luke666808g says:

    I agree, my dad is the healthiest man I know, he still plays football at 60, does the gardening, eats good, and he has high blood pressure, my brother has high blood pressure too, and so do I, so as far as I can tell it’s genetic.

  7. GrahamAndFriends says:

    yes I have a dehydrator, it is fun to use.

  8. LadyWeasel says:

    I am really interested in trying raw foods, but I just don’t know where to start… Graham, what information resources did you start with?

  9. GrahamAndFriends says:

    Hi LadyWeasel, there are alot of books on raw foods. I would recommend you start with this book. Called “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Eating Raw” by Mark Reinfeld. I bought mine from amazon, but most big book stores should have it.

  10. mr3urious says:

    I agree. Eating healthy is very important, but I don’t see the harm in eating junk food every once in a while. 🙂

  11. gangster301 says:

    They’re not saying their diabetes is gone, just that the effects are unnoticeable, right?

  12. StalagmitesOnParade says:

    a Diabetic is a person with Sugar that is too high (normal is 100-110) Now i am Obese (5’8″ 400 pounds) and my Sugar is 70 which is too LOW, i am Hypoglycemic–how would this diet affect me?

  13. GrahamAndFriends says:

    I do not know.

  14. lostinwarpdrive says:

    Favorited and fearured.

    It is about time people open their eyes, and see that supporting the pharmaceutical industry with your life, is simply not worth it at all.

    We ALL did this to ourselves, and we can ALL undo it!

  15. lostinwarpdrive says:

    @shaylossmysterygal- Did you just respond to yourself?? in the third PERSON?? ??? LOLOL!

  16. Thanks Graham. I recommend a book called ‘ Sweet Poison- Why Sugar Makes Us Fat ‘ by David Gillespie. Well worth a read.

  17. hales8208 says:

    I really wish they would make? the deffinition between Juvenile Diabeties and this kind of diabeties (type 2) Everyone just says “diabeties” and thinks its the same thing, Its not and some kids with juvenile diabeties pay for that.

  18. definatalie says:

    @hales8208 For serious. I have Type 1, or Juvenile, Diabetes and I’m pretty sick of people confusing the two conditions.

    It’s also very dangerous for YouTube videos to play doctor, not to mention the extreme bias towards fat bodies.

  19. WellSightedGentleman says:

    @lostinwarpdrive big pharma doesnt want to know about this. Dependancy is awfully profitable investment.

  20. obglobgablob says:

    This isn’t the first time that going paleo has been linked to helping with diseases. All the same it was very interesting.

  21. obglobgablob says:

    Oh wait, sorry. They went raw vegan, not Paleo. My mistake.

  22. Cuinnandstuff says:

    Wow, this is interesting!

  23. Exactly 🙂 thanks for making that distinction. I’m a type 1 and people get the two mixed up all the time.

  24. theviolentdoll says:

    feel like going to maccas now