Weight Loss is becoming a current issue in the whole of the world in these days. Obesity has become a menace to the people of develop countries. Due to increase of comfort and mechanism the manual work has almost ceased in the rich state of the population and the obesity has become a serious problem for this rich and nourish persons.

A lot of health centers under brand names has mushroomed in every city and claimed to weight loss within week, fortnight, or in a month. Mechanically they achieved their claims but such weight loss is injurious to the health as well as it is totally temporary. As and when the person left the health center, He regains his weight with in a month or so. To achieve permanent weight loss or control over weight the following tips are very useful and having no side effects.

1.As a general person should drink at least eight glass of water in a day. Water not only protects from dehydration but also dissolve the extra fatness to keep the body slim and fit.

2.As far as possible wholesome and natural food should be taken. Fried and roasted food should be avoided. Fruit and vegetable should be the main ingredient in your diet as food and vegetable keep you fit but also reduce the extra weight/fatness deposited in abdomen.

3.Refrain from junk food and fast food, as these are the main cause of obesity and cancer.

4.Adopt total vegetarianism. It has been established that the non-veg are more prone to the total disease such as heart attack, Cancer, Diabetes and non-vegetarian become the overweight where as vegetarian remains within the standard weight as per medical weight chart.

5.Morning walk for at least for one hour daily should be the regular phenomena and if possible evening walk can be enjoyed.

6.Weekly fast should be undertaken. Extra fat deposited during the week are consumed in the weekly fast.

7. Body massage is very useful for weight loss. The look warm mustard oil should be massaged at least once in a week and than enjoys the bath. Massage and the sun bath will not only activate your body but also reduce your weight, but care should be taken that the massage over abdomen should be done anti-clock vise and massage over the lower portion of the body should be upward and massage over the upper portion of the body should be downward. In this system of massage your blood circulation will be more effective and friendlier to your heart.

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