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  1. cutechoclatechip says:

    dying! about the cheesecake as the appetizer! lol! good job momma! so happy 4 u!

  2. good job. keep up the good work. ur beautiful.

  3. cutechoclatechip says:

    wow! i definantely see a difference from you last body shot! you are looking fab!

  4. scmilitarywife says:

    Hey beautiful girl! That’s so sweet about ur coworkers throwing u a party w/ their own foods. & major LOL @ ur cakes thing @ work & the factory.. especially the appetizer cheesecake!
    U’re too funny, blaming ur man for the cheesecake.. haa!
    Congrats on ur 7-lbs lost! That’s amazing! Woohoo!
    & i agree… no one is perfect, we all have our moments, right? 🙂
    & I CAN see your progress in face, neck, arms, & when you show your full self too.. wow, what a difference!



  5. sosoblessed1 says:

    aww, that’s sweet. thank you

  6. sosoblessed1 says:

    yes, I blame hubby for the cheesecake. lol but like I said, I waited 3 days to eat it so that I could make good choices in between. wow, I’m really learning that you can eat good and healthy and still lose weight, just won’t be the 5lbs a week we’d sometimes love to lose. thanks for the encouragement and all the kind compliments. you also keep up the good work

  7. DivasCornerHair says:

    Congrats on ur wt loss… YES i can tell a dif in ur body, lookn good… oh and thanks for having that 2nd pc of RVCC in my absence…lol… i totally agree with u on the food choice issue, i have ”fat girl friday” every wk… and im still losin

  8. smileytonya says:

    Congrats on the 7 lbs. A great birthday present to yourself:)

  9. IWalk4tnt says:

    WTG Dee!! You’re looking great!


  10. BigboyHollywood says:

    I see a difference already!!! Keep up the good work Dee!!!

  11. sosoblessed1 says:

    ooh love that “fat girl friday” lol I’m amazed at how I can still lose and not deprive as long as I make good choices 5 out of the 7 days a week. thanks for the compliment 🙂

  12. sosoblessed1 says:

    wonderful, thank you 🙂

  13. HoneyRebellion says:

    You are so full of life and happiness! 😀 I can definitely see the change! You are awesome and you are an inspiration!! Get ’em!! 😀

  14. sosoblessed1 says:

    and I also have a big ole grin because of those kind words. thank you sooo much for your encouragement and kind words. I pray that I can keep you inspired. inspiring others have definitely helped to keep me on the right track 🙂