1. foodmatterstv says:

    Watch trailer to new film on natural health foodmatters[dot]tv

  2. fuhrmanETL says:

    The reason why soup cooking is so good because any water soluble nutrients are still in the broth. By blending some of the veggies, you get more nutrients out of the soup. If you finely chop or purree the vegetables then the heat-sensitve enzymes will be able to catalyze more reactions that create beneficial chemicals when the cell wall is broken and the food is well mixed. And then those chemicals, once formed will remain intact in the cooking process.

  3. can i ask for the menu for this soup?

  4. LoveAngelVika says:

    Does anyone can tell where we can find the menu for the soup? thank you=)))

  5. JAREDKIRCH says:

    i think you can find it on Dr. Fuhrman’s website

  6. rubitulipmk says:

    it is in his book Eat to live… The recipe is…
    1 cup dried split peas and or beans
    4 medium onions
    6-10 zucchini
    3 stalks leek
    5lbs. carrots
    2 bunches celery
    1 cup raw cashews
    2tbs vege base by vogue
    1 package mushrooms
    6 oz. tvp textured vegetable protein (optional)

  7. MopDMTBARTL says:

    Keep the crap (toxins) out of u such as… fast food, processed foods, SUGAR, aspartame (artificial sweetners), fried foods (trans fats), flour, table salt, enriched anything, over the counter drugs (like tylenol), prescription drugs, alcohol, etc.

    think NATURE – eat WHOLE foods, not 2 much, mostly plants. Fruits, veggies, Nuts & seeds. Meat if eaten, moderation & should be clean. Grass feed beef, wild fish (not farmed), etc. Marijuana-Cannabis-Pot for MEDICINE.

    Truthknowledge. com

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