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  1. Big Banger says:

    1. a mom is a cop and she has a young daughter. on one of the commercials, the daughter asks if her mom caught any bad guys and the mom says something like “one, just one.” the little girl later is online and calls her mom to the computer because the girl has seen a live video of her house. the mom looks outside and sees a car parked out there. the mom is also in the car in the commercial and a stranger with a mask is in the back of the car and threatens her or something (this is all based on the commercials i saw). the movie came out a long time ago and i can’t remember if it was ever in theaters.

    2. I think there were 3 teen couples (or maybe they were all just friends) who went to a lakehouse in a small little water jet/plane. they were drinking beer in the cabin and someone knocks on the door. a man is standing there covered in blood because he was attacked by dogs. these dogs belonged to some owner a long time ago i think. throughout the movie, the teens are getting attacked by the dogs and someone dies once in awhile. the teens are trying to get home but something happens to the plane/jet i think so they were stuck there. (i think this movie was played on tnt)

    do u guys know the names of these movies?

  2. rayzorsedge77 says:

    I think this is true, dunno if it’s different to what is used in Northern Alberta, but my sister took something and she’s with us still

  3. wiskawind says:

    Mother Earth gives us everything we need to stay healthy! We are brainwashed daily through the TV and the Pharmaceuticals adds, to feel sick! Pharmaceuticals mask symptoms and work against the body and free spirit of human beings, to dumb us down. Pharmaceuticals, I believe, are turning human beings into a race of sheeple, whose only purpose is to feed the Matrix.

  4. italndiva says:

    Where can I buy this herbal tea. I know I would love to use it yet many people came up with cancer over the holiday season. I think this is odd also. The holidays seem to bring on illnesses. Thank you ahead of time. I did go to this site above yet nowhere to buy this tea. xo

  5. Could i get the email address to order the Billy’s tea?


  6. fentonproductionsllc says:

    For those of you that have been inquiring, Billy Rainwater’s website is: medicinemanteas

  7. is this like the tea argentinians drink?? calle’d mate??

  8. fentonproductionsllc says:

    No this is not the same tea. If you are interested in learning more about the Native American Teas that are offered please visit the official web site to purchase the DVD explaining in detail what helpful effects the teas have or you can contact Billy Rainwater directly to purchase the tea. Thank you for posting.

  9. hey could you please give me the web site thank you.

  10. fentonproductionsllc says:

    Please send an email to fentonproductions at gmail so we can send you the info for the websites. Or you can cgo to the video and click on the column to the right where it says more info for the website address. Sorry YouTube won’t permit me to type it here. Thank you!