1. MissSkymin says:

    This was the first Youtube Poop I ever watched.

  2. SunAndMoonIchiRuki says:

    That was hilarious!
    Fred likes that stupid song
    Sanders ate Scoob’s money
    and Shaggy ate dog shit
    xD genius!

  3. supergoron1 says:

    Look’s like Ol’ Scoob’s gonna shag the bath tub.


  4. monkeylad44 says:

    Lol, they didn’t know what they were saying.

  5. CommanderLightning says:

    That’s the point. It’s not supposed to have anything to do with diabetes. It’s a YouTube Poop.

  6. CommanderLightning says:

    I like how that sounds more natural than “hit the bathtub.”. It sounds funnier!

  7. hey im 11 and think scooby-doo is fairly a good show.

  8. im watchong rightr now at 9:06 on wesnday feb 10 2010 no school today cuz snow. 🙂

  9. EccentricWolven23 says:

    and oh yes! dog sh**!

    You gotta be kidding!! >:l

  10. whateves10111110 says:

    Sorry, I ate all the money XD

  11. UltraRobbie says:

    LOL fred’s got chest hair at 1:16 xD

  12. marioluigi1864 says:

    0:29 LOL hello.

  13. UNCOMMONSENSE101 says:

    no im 14 and scobby doo is the best show

  14. pikminfan1998 says:

    oh, so scooby was inherited KFC!?

  15. SpringWillow114 says:

    lol 0:51 scooby’s all “cool” about the music.. if one would call it that

  16. I miss that they don t show this show much anymore, they have new ones from these years but like I miss the 70’s versions I can still remmeber all of them. To bad shitty montana girl and her friend Celine Goshits…….GIVE ME BACK MY FUCKING CHILDHOOD YOU BASTARDS!

  17. LMFAO!!! I almost died laughing at that part so much. XD

  18. YouonPictures says:

    Common lets take a look at that tub!
    Well, heres the organ!

  19. axonnsbuddy says:

    And oh yes. DOG S**T

  20. tomrule123 says:

    @axonnsbuddy YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING!

  21. SuperCarCar10 says:

    This has to be one of the funniest YouTubePoops Ever!

  22. AussieWoggie1993 says:

    Lame but quite funny 😀

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