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  1. sam146231 says:

    I just feel so bad I don’t even know If I can be Brave as her.

  2. RunninOnInsulin says:

    Great video! What song is this?

  3. TeamSammyK says:

    Sorry, I thought I responded to this a while ago, but it didn’t show up. The song is “Your Misfortune”, by Mike Doughty.

  4. I just saw this video and boy did it bring back memories. It’s like watching myself in the past. I was also diagnosed shortly after my 4th birthday, so I know exactly what she’s going through. I am now 24 years old and will in a few days be crossing my 20 year mark with type 1. My inspiration was seeing her Papa – 50 years with type 1… gives me something to look forward to. 🙂

  5. efinhel2907 says:

    Just watched your video and it too brought back memories for me. I have been type 1 since I was 9 years old in 1966 and since Apr ’08 been using a medtronic pump and it has changed my life for me beyond relief. Keep on going on Samantha new technology is being made every day..God bless you

  6. how do the pumps actally work. jsut intersted to know have diebetes in he family but it’s type 2 so it interests me.your daughter is on brave little girl

  7. danielacostarica2204 says:

    hi! i really understan what she goes throught day by day! it is really inspiring for us to se how there are other people who go through the same .. i was diagnosted also whan i was 4! i woul love to contact you

  8. saltandpepperthecats says:


    I got diabetes, and a pump.

    I got diagnosed when I was 3 years old, and my team is very good. 🙂 We raised so much money for jdrf!

  9. saltandpepperthecats says:

    I have medtronic pump

  10. basketball913 says:

    how old are you?
    i have type 1 diabetes…i have had it for 4 1/2 years…
    please reply to me so we can talk.
    i will help you!!

  11. basketball913 says:

    yeah honey…not the same thing at all…and the pump isnt something to joke about. without it i probably wouldnt be here today. it has saved me…
    so stop that inature talk.

  12. i wasn’t making fun of you.all i wanted was to know how the pump works what does it actally to. just intersted thats all i think you are a very brave girl and hope u have the best live that you can have

  13. basketball913 says:

    thank you!
    im sorry that i got upset at you, you dont deserve that…
    how old are you? I think that if you have questions we should talk in messages…not on the coments:)
    im sorry again!

  14. basketball913 says:

    im 13!
    i will help you if you have any questions…
    do you have a email? or maybe send me a message…that would be better!
    thank you!
    stay strong!

  15. Brensdad74 says:

    Hey Heidi, hope everyone is doing well.


  16. geminigirl5 says:

    your right,even though we know we will have to live with this for the rest of our life we still get up and enjoy what we have. i am 13 and got diabetes when i was 5 it’s hard at a young age because you don’t understand, but living with diabetes will bring you challenges everyday, but we diabetics we are strong and brave enough to overcome them.

  17. what a beautiful video !!
    she’s a strong girl !

    a cure is within reach
    with all the help one day
    Samantha and I
    we’re will able to say;
    we used to have diabetes.

    Keep on going ! ;D
    lots of love.

  18. BawlsNerd815 says:

    wonderful video. my story is almost exactly the same, except i was diagnosed in my early teen years. you had someone w/ diabetes in your family and so did i, my mom. she was such a help and i’m sure your papa was too.

    keep your fingers crossed for a cure soon.

  19. heartCOOP says:

    i have type one 🙁 but im living my life and i hate it when people say that its a minor disease or its managable because, EVERYDAY is a struggle…having a balanced reading would be my dream for one day…the days i try they never get there but the days i dont sometimes im lucky..but i can still do everything i want, diabetes is always still my priority though, ive had it 8 years and im 14. Ive been on the pump awhile it changed my life! (: I had no one who knew about it, Good Luck dahl. x

  20. Chrissa1twin says:

    my grandpa does that blood sugar i see like alot of writings of the sugers man i feel bad for him and her

  21. americangirlfan22 says:

    i feel sad for her… hopefully the find a cure!!!! i’m 9…

  22. cookiecaitz says:

    i am diabetic 🙁

  23. TeamSammyK says:

    Samantha really doesn’t want you to feel sad for her. She’s great. Living with diabetes is hard work and requires a lot of vigilance. But she thrives and is very successful at living her life. This disease needs a cure, not sadness and sympathy. She would much rather you feel inspired by her, than sad for her. But thank you very much for your comments!

  24. Kiwigal84 says:

    hi samantha
    you are a strong little girl!
    i can barely imagine what life must be like living with diabetes and you are an inspiration! stay strong and follow your dreams!!!!! *Hugs!*