Obesity has emerged to be a matter of great concern in recent times with an increasing section of the population falling victim to it. However, it is not only the adults who are obese, a growing number of children are also overweight. Therefore, it is high time that obesity is curbed and the only effective means of countering obesity is by means of losing weight. It is necessary to mention here that there are several weight loss supplements and pills available in the market which assures quick weight loss. However, most of them are actually quite useless and some in fact are harmful for the body. Therefore it is always advisable to stick to the traditional means of losing weight, i.e. by maintaining a balanced diet and following a regular physical training session. There are various forms of aerobic exercises which are considered to be immensely beneficial in aiding weight loss in obese individuals. Running is the foremost among them. Running or jogging is one of the most effective means of losing weight and apart from aiding in weight loss, running has several other benefits as well. With the help of running, it is possible for an obese individual to shed those extra calories and fat deposits that have accumulated in his body and running facilitates toning of the muscles of the body providing a healthy physical appearance. In fact a regular course of jogging or running in any part of the day can be very useful in facilitating swift weight loss. Unlike the various artificial supplements available in the market, running would not produce any adverse effect on the body. It is quite true that in the present world, the scenario is such that it is quite difficult for individuals to make out spare time form their rigorous professional schedules to devote to some physical activity. As a result of this lack of physical exercising, as a person grows older, there occurs considerable weakening of the bones and muscles of the body. Running prevents the weakening of the bones and muscles of the body and rather facilitates their functioning and strengthens them considerably. Moreover, unlike rigorous exercising in the gym, running seems to be a better and more comfortable option for attaining weight loss.

Obesity is responsible for increasing an individual’s risk in contracting lethal diseases like cancer and heart ailments. Running greatly curbs such tendencies. Much on the contrary running greatly increases the functioning of the body’s immunity system and regulates blood pressure. It therefore also lowers the risk of these fatal diseases.

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  1. rashest_hippo says:

    Running? Cardio? Etc? What is the best exercise to do for the best result of weight loss?

  2. diggn4richez says:

    I’d like to either lose weight in my legs, or at least tone them nicely. Even if they remain about the same size but turn to muscle I’m fine with that.

    Would running with a Wii fit work to achieve this if I only run for 10-20 minutes a day? I have a disability which prevents me from doing more than that unfortunately. Will this be sufficient enough to achieve weight loss in my legs or tone them, or is there nothing I can do since I can’t push myself more than that?


  3. norrin_shadowwolf says:

    I was wondering if there was an estimated weight loss for running two miles a day for two months?

    Example: 5’8 128lbs

    Do you know how much weight loss could be expected along with a healthy diet(drinking water, no fatty foods)? I know that muscle from running could up the weight but what would be a good estimate?

  4. I have an exercise bike, but would running be more effective for weight loss?
    I want to build as minimal muscle as possible.
    Or is there a better way then both of these?
    Also, with running, I’m concerned of getting attacked by a dog.

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