430 Sex Positions [$4.99 only]

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  1. Jeracoo L says:

    What’s the difference between them? Where exactly is the synapse located?
    Basically I’m wondering if the synapse is the “gap” between the axiom and dendrite?

  2. perryfan10 says:

    …he’s just playing….too true every dog owner thinks their dog is so lovable and if you get bit, it was your fault for some stupid reason. Even on a leash they let the dog shove his nose in your crotch for a sniff. Instead of supplying dog poo bags on walking trails maybe doggie pepper spray would be more useful.

  3. getahaircut27 says:

    lmao…….so true!!

  4. Shake this Hell Biscuit off yer face!
    I love Ron James!

  5. GrinderGuy says:

    I concur! That’s the mentality now isnt it? Makes you afraid to let your children into the front yard…

  6. I don’t wanna play Disembowel The Jogger!

  7. litebug12345 says:

    After taking Sterolyn for only 6 weeks, my cholesterol dropped by over 40 points. My doctor was very, very pleased, but not nearly as happy as I am. I highly recommend this product if you have high cholesterol and are looking for a non-RX way to control it.

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