1. JLeeMagnetic says:

    the only thing i know that has helped diabetes is alex chiu’s magnetic discovery

  2. ReginaChick says:

    Honestly, that sounds better than “diabeteez”. Shudder…

  3. jacobissmexi says:

    my uncle was diabetic & a couple days ago he had a kidney/pancreas transplant cause he was barely alive–dialysis was keepin him alive & he’s no longer diabetic

  4. friznrock says:

    oh poor bret =( i might have diabetes if i dont care me …

  5. warshingtonyank says:

    hes a cool ass dude!

  6. I have been a fan since Poison first came out, and now my daughter (also a Type 1 diabetic) is a fan as well! My daughter wants to be a rock star too, so thanks to Bret for being a role model to her so that she knows that her diabetes does not have to stop her from reaching for her dreams!

  7. ShyteKreek46 says:

    Bret should do a commercial with Wilford Brimley because neither of them can say diabetes right…DIABEETUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. CantStopWontStop818 says:

    He’d be cooler dead.

  9. jorgencream says:

    bret michael got the diabeetus…

  10. MrRancher01 says:

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  11. Love you Bret!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Poison

  12. alina6707 says:

    i really love this man!!!!
    he´s sooooooooooo sexy!

  13. horseygirl90 says:

    i gotta see him live 3rd row!!! best concert ever that i went to. He sure knows how to get a crowd fired up and knows how to rock 😀

  14. lokivonloka says:

    He would not be cooler dead
    He is exactly how diabetics ought to be.. Conservatively careless.

    Nick Jonas can die.
    This Bret Michaels guy I can give of my respect and admiration to wholly.

    Diabetes Mellitus… I think I even mispronounced it when I was younger.

  15. I think I might be one of the few who can truly say Bret Michaels changed my life. His mom helped start the diabetes camp that I’ve been going to for 16 years. It has been the one thing to get me through life, and I am eternally grateful. I just wish he’d continue to support the camp that was created because of him and means so much to hundreds of diabetics.

  16. b0nsc0ttr0ck says:

    I found out that I was a juvenile diabetic about a month ago. These days we also have these faggots called the Jonas Brothers, and ofc the doctor tried to cheer me up by saying that one of them has type 1 aswell. That just made me cry and think life was hell. Then I found out Bret also has it, and this is pretty much what has helped me get through this very tough time.

  17. i’m a pre diabetic,he’s helped me too and i did the same thing with the jonas

  18. yugijan2196 says:

    im a Diabete ,and this man is one of my heros..if he can do it..i can do it 🙂

  19. amozartii says:

    Bret we are all in the same boat man!

  20. I love him but my mom sias he’s a sex symbol thanx to my aunt so i cant go to the concerts or anything

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