1. Diabetes runs very strong in my family. My grandmother had her leg amputated because of it and now my mother has it. Is there a good strict diet or eating plan out there so that I can lower my chances of getting it? Ive already started monitoring my blood sugar on a daily basis. Im only 21 and so its better to start young. I want a long, happy and healthy life.

  2. It is virtually impossible to eat a balanced diabetic diet without meat, and there is a lack of essential amino acids and iron. Even in the hospital I could not properly treat a vegetarian. Even if it religious, eat your meat and live.

  3. aarealskei says:

    I just wanted to say that I personally am a diabetic and have ONLY been able to lower my blood sugar back to normal when I follow a vegan diet. Insulin, medication, holistic herbs and various other treatments have NEVER lowered my blood sugar which has gone as high as 600. The doctor on this report is not wrong so whether he’s featured on Fox news or on a late night cable channel, who cares if his treatment works.

  4. MysteryAC says:

    That’s rather odd. Since insulin usually works on alot of people I’ve run across, it’s hard to believe someone who just happens to say insulin never worked on them.

    Something smells suspicious here.

  5. aarealskei says:

    In my case, I am allergic to most meds they give you for diabetes and the ones I could tolerate caused worse side effects than the actual illness and none of the meds lowered my blood sugar to the normal range. Insulin lowered my blood sugar some, but not all the way, either. I was told a few months ago that my problems are not stemming from the pancreas/liver/spleen so it could prove dangerous or even fatal for me to use insulin. My under treated thyroid is part of my problem.

  6. aarealskei says:

    You dont know me so you have no idea how much money, how many medical docs, holistic docs, how many quacks / non-quacks that Ive dealt with over the past few years. I cannot speak for others, but I can and was giving my own personal experience and I stand by my word that a vegan diet is the only thing that worked for me. If you think Im suspicious, sorry.

  7. MysteryAC says:

    Well, if you’re saying it worked specifically for you, I believe you.

    As long as you’re not trying to tell me it’s the only way to go and that I’m an idiot for not following you blindly. I apologize if I was hostile, but I cannot tell you how many vegans are nazis over how I conduct my own diet. Some of them tell me insulin causes cancer on everybody, while others say even more outlandish crap.

  8. aarealskei says:

    I’m not trying to tell people what to do, just saying what worked for me and just agreeing with the doc on the video. Believe it or not, it goes both ways. I’ve had people criticize me as a vegan, and I’ve had people criticize me for not following a vegan diet. Unfortunately, there are people out there who swing so far to the left or right that if you sneeze they complain.

  9. I hope it works as hard as it may be, it is better than losing vision, leg, I, vision and heart to diabetes and an early death. I had some readings in the 400, 500 and 600s. Vegan foods are really tasty and the internet is loaded with great recipes. I am glad the word is getting out. I have lost 22 pounds so far.

  10. I was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Alternative health minded allopath told me to eat no fruits or whole grains. I did not agree and searched on my own and my research and books like there is a cure for diabetes by cousens convinced me to go vegan and start walking daily. I did eat a pretty good whole foods diet and loved meat and cheese and eggs but I went vegan and am eating 30-85% raw and hope to improve that. Gave up all junk and fast food and buffets.

  11. here is a smart doctor who actually helps people not to control diabetes or take drugs but to reverse diabetes and improve several facets of their health as a result.

  12. plummer925 says:

    My doctor has also asked me to follow a low-fat vegan diet to control my Type II diabetes – he actually said that ‘control’ is the wrong word – that if I follow this diet it will cure the diabetes. I’m so excited – I’m starting in 2 weeks (the hospital has a 2 week program starting then to teach me all about it!).

  13. meteachu01 says:

    I wish I had this doctor as my docter. I hope more doctors believe to focus on preventive medicine rather to prescribe meds on the time. I’ve been a vegetarian for 10 months and will be moving towards a vegan diet in december, my one year anniversary.

    I’ve never felt better in MY life.

  14. 2EnigmasN1 says:

    It’s great to see doctors promoting a vegan diet for health and not a pill!! I can afford food much better then some high cost medications. Great clip.

  15. IGNORANCE will get you in the grave!!!! read between the lines people!!!!!! a plant based diet will help you lose weight and stay healthy for a long time!!!! i’ve been fat and skinny, and i know enough to realize that a plant based diet excluding animal flesh is the BEST way to go!!!! this is a doctor that cares about his patients to tell them the TRUTH!!!!! you can’t say that about every doctor!!!!!! PEACE!!!!!

  16. polynesianpuppet says:

    i had diabetes type 2…went on a vegan diet and everything went away completely in 3 months…dont listen to the doctors that want to live their luxurious lives with the suffering of millions…there is a cure!!!!

  17. Peacescrab says:

    I have been a vegetarian for 27 years and a vegan on and off since then. My naturopath informs me that my blood sugar disregulation would improve if I ate dairy products because then I wouldn’t be getting all my protein from carbohydrates. I think she is wrong, but sometimes I wonder…

  18. angiecat33 says:

    congrats wowbenji!!!

  19. , but I then messed up this week and had some birthday dinners and Christmas potlucks where I went off and ate some meat and not as healthy foods My blood sugar instantly went to 325 and I gained 10 pounds in less than a week. I will go back on after xmas. I am determined to get back on the healthy path but being human messed up on the holidays, but am continuing to exercise 6-7 days a week though.

  20. Thanks, angiecat. I recently came off a 50 day juice fast, where I lost now a total of 65 pounds. My blood sugar dropped to 113-117 and stayed there the whole time on the fast. when I got off the fast where I drank about 60% raw juices with the rest veggie broth and herb teas, it rose slightly when I ended the fast but still about 175 far better than the average 375 I did have

  21. angiecat33 says:

    These things happen, we’re all human. One day at a time, as they saying goes. Seeing what works and then what doesn’t, maybe we need to see that too. Best wishes and I know you can do it 🙂 Happy and healthy holidays to you.

  22. That fat screws up our blood sugar. One wonders how the prevalence of fast foods and eating lots of meat and dairy and little produce and the prediction that 1 in 3 people will get diabetes in their life are correlated. While even plant fats can be bad, they are far less bad than animal fats which are implicated in so many diseases. I do feel confident I can get back on track…you have a great holiday too,

  23. in one’s blood around the insulin receptor sites and this is why the insulin can’t get in to the cells and the pancreas panics and pumps out more often several times more than normal; and then eventually wears out and then you need insulin. I read the author of the hallelujah diet say if one eats a mickey-d cheeseburger, fries and a shake and then put their blood in a test tube, after an hour or so a layer of fat will rise to the top of the blood.

  24. Although I did not notice much difference in how I felt when eating vegan and lots of raw, when I ate the meat, I felt very sluggish and also got constipated which I rarely have, this showed me what works and what doesn’t. From what I read animal fat (and animal protein is not that good either) makes it too slippery and greasy

  25. you are right Angiecat. It was very enlightening to me to see my blood sugar and blood pressure too btw dropped 20 points on the top and 20 points on the bottom go to almost normal at 115 when my numbers were that high before when on the fast, vegan and a good amount of raw food and tons of produce and then to see it go up in a single meal of meat and fat to 325 was quite eye opening.

  26. Catherine8here says:

    What diet? Vegan diet but exactly consisting of what?

  27. montsyblackmadonna says:

    Wonderful video !

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