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  1. C4nUH34rM3G0d says:

    These commercials in the “big hair” days of the late eighties brings back memories. I remember some of these commercials.

  2. Justinpg284 says:

    3:11 The “Tone” soap commercial wow 1989 I was only 5.

  3. Pdasilva0324 says:

    I was twelve. TV was much better in the “old days”, from the advent of the medium up til about the early 1990s, when things started to change..more choice, far less quality.

  4. Penwa1953 says:

    That was ME and my dearly departed Tonkinese cat, Beau, in the Whiskas commercial! My friend found this. The Internet did not exist when the commercial was shot at my home in January, 1989. Loved (and miss) the big hair…and sweet Sugar Beau.

    Penny Gill

  5. phillygrl69 says:

    He was so pretty! I know you must miss Bo dearly. Though, trust and believe you will see him again! I remember seeing that commercial too! I was about 19-20! Time flew! God Bless..

  6. bronc30td says:

    Is it weird that I remember every single one of these commercials?

  7. jacksite2007 says:

    kellogs and cadburys both started off in the UK and are now a global sensation.

  8. morechicharonesforme says:

    All I did was Google man calls Phoenix getsFiji. It took longer to log on than it did to get exactly what I wanted, life is good every now and then.

  9. frrrrrunkis says:

    If that family in the Extra commercial were any more white, they’d start turning black.

  10. frrrrrunkis says:

    Not really, TV has, more or less, always sucked.

  11. TruWatcher says:

    “Mom, I spilled grape juice on the carpet!” “That’s OK!” “You have stain-resistant carpet?” “No, I just popped some ‘ludes and I don’t give a sh*t!”…I never did believe that dumb “I called Phoenix, I got Fiji” ad…Talking cereal boxes: creepy!…Singing, dancing toilets still make me laugh, I’m ashamed to say…I would be freaked if Sugar Bear just showed up in my bedroom!…How cool is it that Penny Gill posted here? Your Beau was a wonderful-looking cat, Penny–no wonder you miss him so.

  12. DanZero77 says:

    OK, I remembered the AT&T ad! I always used to say “Going out for pizza night!” YOUR NOT DEALING WITH AT&T

  13. tHecOmMeNtErSrEtUrN says:

    The great thing about these commercials are that they are not annoying.

  14. selfrighteoustuber says:

    wrong wrong wrong! these were anoying as hell.

  15. selfrighteoustuber says:

    damn fuckin right ! and Youtube is not too far off

  16. selfrighteoustuber says:

    this was the faggoty 80s of course. before humanity wised up. the 50’s through the 80s sucked balls. and so do all these damn commercials.

  17. In the mayonaise commercial, close your eyes and Open your earss. That Damn sure sounds like Patti Mayonaise from “Doug”!

  18. they had some pretty good cereals back then.

  19. brasingtonlane says:

    S.W. Graham cereal was very likely named in honor of Sylvester Graham (1794-1851), the Presbyterian minister and health lecturer who invented Graham crackers and believed a high-fiber diet would prevent people from having impure thoughts, and thereby stop masturbation.

  20. one thing that i hate about commercials is they do not show the real thing. for example, brushing your teeth is a foamy task; in the toothpaste commercials their mouths’ are dry. another example, who in the hell can shave their face with one swipe. thing i do like, especially about the 80’s and the early 90’s, is that they were funny and very convincing; still today i buy products based on those commercials