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  1. jwgreek8606 says:

    did you combine TV Land Retromercial’s with this?

  2. VampireHunterDVD says:

    The Sugardale cold cuts ad is a Retromercial.

  3. Sugardale meats are made right in my hometown of Massillon OH!! Nice.

  4. the pat sajak show….lol….that was a wreck.

  5. TruWatcher says:

    The Sugardale ad is one I remember from first run, having grown up in the Cleveland area…Sunette sweetener never did really go anywhere, huh?…So, all the MEN got OUT of cleaning up after dinner because the woman had a little cartoon Chore Boy to “do all the work”? Please!…The “wimpy wimpy wimpy” Hefty ads always did make me laugh…Oh, that accident with the strawberry mold was nasty…did the woman actually agree to reenact it?…GARFIELD had a LABOR DAY special?? That’s a joke, right??

  6. texacobigred42 says:

    How old? It sounded like a carryover from the all-70s(?) Vol. 42…