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  1. JamesTaylorGillespie says:

    This is the best I have come across with resveratrol, it can change or someones life for the future, please do not keep this knowledge from your loved ones.
    Get them on this now and do not let them die too young

  2. JamesTaylorGillespie says:

    Biotivia has the most up to date and extensive research into this product and is seen to be the worlds foremost leaders in this research.
    They have come through all the USA tests and will be appearing on all major TV channels later this year.
    They have saved my life with their product.
    Good luck for thrir future.

  3. I am a teenager and have two friends who take resveratrol since having cancer treatment.
    They have had really good improvements since taking the capsules every day for only three weeks.
    Everyone has to keep watching as this could be one of the best things to have been discovered for the future.
    PS This also helps with your skin, especially with my acne.

  4. it is a scam.?I recently bought a bottle with discount online for 6 $ but after a week they subtracted 80 $ from my bank account I had to block my account so they wouldnt withdraw any more money.

  5. JamesTaylorGillespie says:

    Sorry but you could not have purchased from Biotivia as they do not sell any products for as little as 6 $. All their resveratrol is high standard and all money transfers are secured. Look up the biotivia web site for info.

  6. SaltWaterDiatoms says:


    Wal Greens is selling 160 mg caps (about as high potency as in some research with Resveratrol), for half price, 60 capsules = only 4.99 …

    I just purchased 11 bottles, so I am getting free shipping.

    Yes, WalGreens, online.

    I am very sorry for you people who were scammed. Even GNC is selling something similar to WalGreens and was putting on a 60 or 70 US pricetag.

    Only 4.99 at Wal Greens dude. Stock up and pass the word along.