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Health care professionals hold the view that physical activity and healthy food choices need to be promoted within the home, in the community and at school. Most of the children in the UK are obese, thus making childhood obesity an increased health threat.

There is no magic way and formula for slimming or losing weight overnight. The only reliable and effective way to become slim is to adopt a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. Even if you already have a weight problem, the best way to lose it is to make positive lifestyle changes. A healthy diet and regular daily exercise are the key weapons for becoming slim in the end.

Our daily diet should be well balanced and must contain all important constituents such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water. If you observe the eating habits of all those people who have gained extra pounds, then you may find most of them making wrong food choices, be it snacks time or with meals.

Parents have a great role to play as they can promote a healthy lifestyle among their children by serving as role models through the adoption of an active lifestyle. You can involve children in various fun activities that require maximum physical effort. In this way, they can have both fun and enough physical exercise.

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Physical exercise can be a great way to become slim however, although, parents should also consider the nutritional intake of their children, ensuring that they eat healthily. This may be difficult for most parents at first, as most children prefer sugary snacks and easy fast food. However, making these unhealthy choices can add to the overweight problems of children as well as adults. So, these should be avoided as far as possible. You should try to substitute these with some healthy food choices such as plenty of fruit and vegetables. It’s okay to have occasional sugary snacks just for a change, but should be avoided on a regular basis.

For people who have gained considerable amount of extra weight, these slimming tips may prove inadequate. Therefore, they can have a check up from a doctor who can suggest them any suitable treatment for overweight or obesity problem. There are some useful treatment drugs available on the market like the Reductil and the Xenical. These drugs are taken orally and available only on a prescription from a doctor. You should not take any of them if the doctor recommends against it, as these drugs can also have some undesirable side effects on the user. However, in most of the cases, these drugs have proved to be effective for treating obesity among most sufferers.

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