Health Supplements, also called dietary supplements are those nutrient-rich products that supplement a healthy diet. Health supplements are meant to substitute those nutrients which one lacks if he/she does not eat healthy. There are all kinds of nutrients in these supplements ranging from mineral salts, multi vitamins, fatty acids better known as Omegas, herbs, probiotics, amino acids to enzymes and anti-oxidants. Much has been said about supplements. Some people claim that they do not work whereas others say they wok. However, more and more people are buying them each day; which proves that studies advocating for their safe use could be right.

There should be a difference in the energy levels within three days from the day you take health supplements not unless you are malnourished or take the wrong dose. Within a week, there should be a noticeable difference in your stool and within 28 days the tone and texture of your skin will change.

There are two reasons why people take nutritional health supplements, the first one being that the levels of nutrients in the food we take on a daily basis have reduced dramatically ever since the modern methods of farming took control. Secondly, food processing in industries has also reduced the levels of nutrients in the food we eat. For instance in the United States of America, studies have shown that the level of food nutrients have reduced by 50%. This has made it necessary for fruit and vegetable intake to be increased from“5 A Day” to “10 A Day”. Part of this portion can be gotten from health supplements.

Before you buy any nutritional health supplements, it is important to keep in mind that cheaper supplements are more likely to contain synthetic nutrients. Natural or organic supplements are the best since the effects of synthetic vitamins are not known. In addition, natural supplements, especially the organic ones, can be absorbed more easily into our bodies and are higher in vibration.

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