1. Thank you for this video. I just got the Lap Band on 5/20. I did have a rough time. I was in the hospital for 2 extra days. I had swelling and could not sollow anything. So they kept me on an IV for those days. As of today I can drink ok and I am on clear liquids by doctors orders for one week. Also I am 30 pounds less post op.

  2. BritLadyatHome says:

    Interesting video. He does seem to have a lot of sales pitches on here.

  3. lawlessbocks says:

    thank you!finally someone that is unbiased! i type in “failed lap band” and i find 40 videos from dr rutledge about him gloriously saving them with his mgb surgeries. this video is what i have been looking for!

  4. dennisfromdenmark says:

    Thanks for the comment! Nice to here.. I just get sick listening to theese “commercial” videos.. It´s sick!! Thanks for commenting!! Best regards Dennis! 🙂

  5. DrRRutledge says:

    Good points. The band has helped lots of people. Everyone knows that the band does fail some times. REcent research suggests that failure will increase over time. In Europe, France, Spain and Switzerland, many surgeons are giving up the band. If the band does fail there are good rescue strategies.

  6. DrRRutledge says:


    Please accept my sincere apologies. I did not mean to criticize the band. Its great if it works for you. My medical practice is taking care of people suffering from band problems and complications.
    I only wanted to let them know they are not bad people if their band fails them and there are things that can be done to help them.

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