1. itcomputerchick says:

    That was so cute. Your poem would make a great song 🙂 (just an idea) Love learning new stuff about ya – Great video – You are looking great – Hugs, melissa 🙂

  2. bakersbazaar says:

    Awe shucks thanks!! I can’t wait to see your video response to the 5 facts! I almost tagged you but then knew Melanie did so decided not to overload ya! How’s it going with you? Anymore weight loss? I’m down 36 lbs. as of last Tuesday. Hugs! Kellie

  3. itcomputerchick says:

    Wow you are kicking butt and taking names 🙂 I posted 3 of the 5 random facts for different people 🙂 hopefully they will show up soon. I am down 22lbs as of today. You are doing so great that is AMAZING 🙂 Hugs, Melissa 🙂

  4. bakersbazaar says:

    I wish I could take the credit for the weight loss but hey it’s only cuz I am throwing up all the time…lol You are doing great also! I know you may worry that you are not losing fast enough but they say the lapband is a slower loss, on the bright side though you won’t end up with all the flab and wrinkles like me and others who had the gastric bypass. Hugs. Kellie

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