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  1. AnnaKey23 says:

    Thankyou so much…nice to see David Wolfe
    Brilliant Info

  2. 302sylvia says:

    Everybody should know this!
    Diebetis is curable… if you want to cure yourself.

    Thank you, David Wolfe and all those others who made these studies possible.

    Sylvia, Amsterdam

  3. ErasmusIII says:

    How can people not see how all the sugarized crap that is processed to hell and back is what’s at the root of diabetes? It’s not genetic! It’s your fundamental addiction to the typical american cuisine which is ingrained in you since your parents started feeding you that crap you call food!

  4. lothquendi says:

    Doctors don’t want to hear this. They make millions prescribing drugs.

  5. lilchico4wg says:

    It’s too bad the supermarkets and food industries don’t make this way of eating easy.
    The earth does, but we have moved away from nature and more towards the Modified Marketplace

    One day we’ll realize we can’t eat money

  6. meg1241989 says:

    It’s not easy, but it’s possible.

  7. Forsure3333 says:

    Is the whole movie available on Youtube?

  8. guilfoyle1975 says:

    are you able to eat fruits on this diet? where is the best place to get the recipes they followed on this?