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  1. Xbox360king says:

    I have my two cousins coming over. One of them are diabetic, so I need to know what snack foods to buy and what snack foods NOT to buy. It would also be nice to know what drinks I can get him. Please be as detailed as possible! -Zion-

  2. baldy eire says:

    both socialism and fascism was very close to taking over in the 30’s, some say fascism won .

    what do you think.

  3. Aartam1995 says:

    This is so inspirational! Thank you!

  4. joshlaraw says:

    Glad to see others who are inspired to change their lives by going raw!

  5. ty99999returns says:

    If you do this for eczema and any other inflammation related thing this will cure it.

  6. I’ve been thinking of doing something along these lines. Einstein himself said that the future diet of humanity would be a vegetarian one.

  7. guilfoyle1975 says:

    are you able to eat fruits on this diet? where is the best place to get the recipes they followed on this?