Raw Food Weight Loss 178 pounds! Dave the Raw Food Trucker VIDEO #6

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  1. timq3dimensionscom says:

    I am trying to make some extra money and my weight loss website will launch in December. I am wondering what type of things people would buy. Someone suggested a weight loss bracelet someone else said I should sell healthy foods I make at home, any other ideas?

  2. foxielocs says:

    wow…this is so awesome…i really would like more details on what kind of juices Dave was drinking and also some of his daily menus would be great…

  3. SusanBessette says:

    Each time I open the blog I check first to see if there is another edition of the Dave Story. Congratulations on your success and health. What are you going to do with your new life now your death sentence is lifted?
    Not to take anything away from Dan who brings this all to us. Blessings to both of you.

  4. AprilDawn555 says:

    Dave, you said you’ve tried many green powders, have you tried Vitamineral Green? I’d like to invest in one but there’s a lot to choose from. Just wanted to see how that compares to the Barley Max.

  5. princesspamela1959 says:

    Dave!!!!!!!!!!! hello beautiful!!!!
    keep on keeping on!!!! thanks for being the inspiration!!!

  6. nomponce says:

    Dave looks like he is getting younger.

  7. motoxbuddy says:

    Looking good Dave ! but where’s your secret love?Hope the last time wasn’t the last that we Stephanie.If she not MOTOvation enough to drink a gallon of wheatgrass I don’t know what is.I notice that you are getting browner , which happens when you start eliminating all that waste metabolism etc.

  8. RADIANTandRAW says:

    Start taking loads of MSM Dave – it firms skin up!

  9. Elainaloveyou says:

    Lookin’ good Dave! Your beauty and love are radiating out from your God-self. You Rawk!

  10. Nat3cCurlyGrl says:

    Lookin GREAT Dave!!!!

  11. rawbarbie says:

    rawtrucker and dan – you guys are great. Thanks dave for sharing your story because you are inspiration to me during a hard time in my raw path!!!

  12. CBeyondlimits says:

    Dave definately looks younger since the first vid. I’m just starting my RAW journey… so I look forward to getting similar results.

  13. tstoddard37 says:

    You look radiant, Dave! I am just starting my raw food journey and I hope to be as successful as you have been. How long were you raw before you started juicing? What kind of green juices do you drink and how much? Thanks, keep up the great work.

  14. switchin2raw1111 says:

    Dan, you mention on another vid that Dave does not eat fruit. When he isn’t juicing, what does he eat? Just salads?

  15. liferegenerator says:

    yes and prepared raw food…

  16. AMARANTH500 says:

    looking better & better & your whole energy is glowing! awesome!!!!

  17. mjs1957 says:

    You look great Dave … and wow, my first you tube shout out. Thanks for being so open and allowing me to explore the skin issue with you.

    Rawsome Chef Mary
    “think outside the oven”
    support local, organic, sustainable agriculture

  18. Anastazia333 says:

    Dave, I’m totally in awe of your progress! Been meaning to try Barley Max for ages, just haven’t yet, but now I will, for sure, as soon as I can order some! (There is a Hallelujah Acres site in Canada, too!)
    I heard it was great for helping skin tone up with weight loss!
    (to be cont.)

  19. Anastazia333 says:

    Dave, you’ve inspired me to begin taping my journey, & am about to begin Dr. Counsin’s protocol, too, to reverse my newly-diagnosed diabetes (& many other things…)
    I’m lifting you up in prayer daily, & am really enjoying following your journey! RAW is the way we were created to eat!

    P.S. The “third eye” thing is actually a Hindu teaching, not compatible at all with the Bible/Christianity…
    {…just a point for all the young believers out there to be aware of…}

  20. liferegenerator says:

    “when thine eye be single the whole body will be filled with light” -Jesus

    “race for the crown of the glory of God” -Jesus

    “the kingdom of heaven is within you” -Jesus

    The third eye is real and if you eat raw foods and energize the pineal gland in the center of your brain you too will come to see that…raw foods will wake you up in ways you should be prepared for. It will wake up dormant centers in your mind, body and soul! Be prepared! The truth transcends all religions! Be aware!

  21. 1dsunhope says:

    keeping it raweel

  22. Forsure3333 says:

    Is the key of health and weight management the enzimes that you have in raw food that don’t exist in cooked food?

  23. lauriem1967 says:

    Sounds like Dave might be getting ready to water fast soon! That’s truly exciting! Thanks so much Dave.

  24. ImLiberte0712 says:

    So Dave are you now Cancer Free?

  25. ImLiberte0712 says:

    Do Dave, are you cancer free?

  26. liferegenerator says:

    @ImLiberte0712 yes!

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